About Us 

With a vision to unleash potential in everything everywhere, provide friendly, flexible business solutions, and a commitment to continual improvement, Kobi Simmat founded Best Practice Certification in 2004.

Eleven years on with a major re­brand, the company is one of just 37 Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) trading within the formally recognised framework of the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS­ANZ) for many of its programs. Known as Best Practice Certification.

Our approach

At Best Practice Certification, we want our clients to feel amazing. It’s about making an effort and genuinely getting to know and understand your business. We’re about efficiency in the assessment process and ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

We are driven to excel at delivering a professional, kind, flexible and friendly approach to certification while assisting your organisation on the journey of continual improvement.

The strength of a team that is on your side

With a breadth of experience in your business and the industry, combining a total of 148 years, highly trained employees and strong management, makes Best Practice Certification a perfect partner for your organisation.

A team with knowledge, understanding and commitment to quality standards and training that prides itself on operating to very high standard.

A personalised way of doing business

What makes our way unique is the way in which we work with our clients. Building a strong relationship based on respect, shared knowledge and ongoing support.

That’s what we call the Best Practice Way. The Best Practice Way is our personalised way of doing business, bringing together the best aspects of partnership, support, smart thinking and experience.

With high quality standards being critical for success, finding a business partner dedicated to achieving your goals is a key factor in selecting outsourced solutions.

More than an operational function of business, it’s also about relationships and trust in a team that is on your side, whose quality standards support yours.

Our people make the difference

The management team at Best Practice strives to offer our clients a range certification standards and training to simply meet your organisation needs all working together to meet your needs. 

The mix of management experience, skills and industry knowledge ensures we are in a position to understand your requirements and deliver on our service solutions.

Our services are flexible and adaptive to our clients needs. Our responsive management team strives to ensure the organisation is adaptable to an ever-changing business environment