Already Certified 

Congratulations on achieving certification!

It's a huge milestone and recognition of your organisation's commitment to continuous improvement.  And, as you know, it isn't a set and forget activity, for your investment to continue to reap rewards your systems and processes need to be nurtured.
If we are not currently your certification body, we would love the opportunity to get to know you, your team and organisation better to see how we might be able to support you on your journey. To get the conversation started, we'd like to share a few of the questions we would be keen to learn the answers to:
  • How long have you been certified and for which standards?
  • What are the drivers for these certifications?
  • How has the business benefited from certification? 
  • Does your current certification provider work with you to grow your business?
  • Does your certification provider want to understand more about your industry? 
  • Can you always get in contact with your certification provider?
  • Do you have the same assessor at each audit?
  • Are your assessments (audits) scheduled well in advance with your team given support to prepare?  

Why would you want to have a chat with us?

Aside from the fact that we are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable in this area, our no obligation conversations can be incredibly valuable for quality management and standards professionals to gain insights into how to leverage your certifications and also understand the mechanics of the global standards industry. 

Our mission and commitment is to add value and continuously improve knowledge across the whole sector and whilst we may not immediately work together formally, we always love to extend our network and would love to learn from you too. And our online Training Academy courses  are open to all industry professionals not just those certified by us.  
And, in the event that you should choose to join our family of clients then there are a couple of key differentiators we offer:
  • Free Internal Auditor Training: An ongoing requirement of certification is performing internal audits. We want to assist you to become an expert within your own system. A member from your organisation is eligible to take our online Internal Auditor Training Course free of charge, normally valued at $560.00. 
  • Competitive Rates: Our rates are all inclusive, and transparent to enable accurate budgeting for each certification cycle, we don't have any hidden reporting, travel or preparation fees.

If you are already a client of ours

We are here to assist you as much as we can.  Please utilise our account management services and our inclusive 6 month check-ins between surveillance audits. You can also access all of our Training Academy courses.
Don't know who your account manager is, then contact the office to find out and you can meet the whole Best Practice Team via this link.
Everyone at Best Practice Certification is completely committed to assisting you and your organisation in improving business performance. Our Best Practice Assessors apply a customer focused, and flexible approach to every Best Practice Assessment. Our priority is to understand your business and the industry sectors you operate in.