Our Mission

We are passionate about and committed to assisting our clients to improve their operational performance and through that build and continuously inspire their customer’s confidence in their products and services.

Who are we

Best Practice Certification Pty Ltd provides assessment, certification and training services to organisations that have elected to implement the international ‘Best Practice’ models for continual improvement in Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Management.

Founded in 2004 and based on a philosophy of maintaining a professional, kind, friendly and polite approach to business, Best Practice Certification Pty Ltd are accredited by JAS-ANZ, which means we have been assessed ourselves and recognised as implementing the policies and procedures required to trade as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) within the formally recognised framework of ISO 17021

“Best Practice’s philosophy is about ensuring we create an amazing uplifting experience for everybody. For all touchpoints, anyone involved with the business – even if you’re not commercially transacting with them, it’s important to be giving. You’re not expecting reciprocity. You become a remarkable brand, meaning you’re a brand that’s worth remarking on and that’s when a brand really starts to grow”
Kobi Simmat, Chief Executive Officer, Best Practice Certification


Why are we different


We are more assessors and partners than pure auditors.

When a Best Practice Certification assessor visits your business, they will use their industry experience to understand your business and hence provide findings that add value to your business, not ‘just ticking boxes’.

Long term partners: Failure and non-compliance are not an option.

We are committed to innovate and educate in this space, your journey with Best Practice and your key contacts in our team will be one of collaboration and learning.

It’s about more than just compliance or non-conformance for us, we want to understand as much as we can about you and your operations so that we can provide the right and best solutions and services to assist you.

Technology Solutions


Computer Aided Assessment Tools enable us to provide cost effective assessment services across multiple regional locations. We are the first company in Australia to be certified to provide services using this technology.

Our Values 


  • Empowering: We foster an environment coaching others to thrive, achieve more, feel nurtured and stronger than they ever believed they could about their working lives
  • Progressive: Early adopters, continual improvement, growing efficiency, open minded and innovatively are the way we do things around here
  • Friendly: Great rewarding friendships, being people centred and having heart help make a positive difference in what we do
  • Integrity: We trust in our systems and one another to do what we say we will do, consistently and without reservation.

The Best Practice High-5


  1. Meditate
  2. Eat well
  3. Keep fit
  4. Have a passion
  5. Finish the day having made one step toward a goal