Seven Million Venmo Transactions Published on GitHub.

Users of the Paypal-owned digital wallet payment system Venmo are being pushed to change their account information after a researcher was able to access the details of up to seven-million transactions- and then published them online to GitHub. Dan Salmon, a computer science student at Minnesota State University amassed the gargantuan dataset over a six-month period, as reported by The Next Web. “I am releasing this dataset in order to bring attention to Venmo users that all of this data is publicly available for anyone to grab without even an API key,” he wrote on GitHub, warning users of Venmo’s services to change all their privacy details, and delete any existing transaction history. “I wo

What Makes a Good Company Great?

Best Practice CEO, Kobi Simmat tackles one of the most commonly pondered questions in the business world head on. Let me just start by saying that there’s a lot of uncontrollable variables in play when it comes to this question, but one variable that you’re in firm control of is how well your organisation reflects on its operations and consistently looks for areas of improvement. You might not be able to control the way the market changes, or a possible disruption of your industry, but if you utilise and leverage the benefits of a quality management system, your organisation is significantly better equipped to take on the challenge than an organisation without one. One of the most powerful l

Are You Listening to Your Customers?

I’m in a lucky position sitting at the helm of Best Practice. We’re an organisation that has the opportunity to work with thousands of others across every imaginable industry and see how they do business. This allows us to compare and contrast how different organisations deal with customer feedback; be it from a positive or negative experience. One of the clearest signifiers of an efficient and effective organisation is how they use this, and can turn one customer’s negative experience into a learning exercise for the whole company. Having said that, however, there’s nothing more damaging to your organisation’s reputation than negative customer feedback. This can spiral into a loss of custom

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