Thousands of Ships Equipped with ‘Cheat Devices’ Diverting Pollution Directly into Ocean: Report

“Imagine how far $12-billion could have gone if it was applied towards developing and deploying technologies for zero-emissions vessels.” A report from The Independent claims that thousands of vessels used by global shipping companies have been fitted with devices designed to fool existing environmental legislation and are dumping pollution directly into the sea, rather than into the air after it had been treated. The report asserts that “more than £9.7-million has been spent on the devices, known as open-loop scrubbers, which extract sulphur from the exhaust fumes of ships that run on heavy fuel oil.” These devices would pull large vessels into line with the legislation put forward by the I

How To Create Trust With Your Customers

“The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust is the key professional and personal competency of our time.” Stephen R Covey. Today, we’re going to be continuing on with our thread of content covering the top-ten reasons why businesses fail, and considering the statistics show that within 5-years of operation, 70% of businesses do indeed fail, this is an extremely topical and timely piece to keep in mind. Gaining trust while doing business is an immeasurably difficult task. It takes years to establish yourself in a market, and even longer to gain a customer’s trust when it comes to them choosing your organisation over the competition. While there’s a number of CEOs and managers o

UK’s Plastic Bag Sales Down 90% Since Ban

“The shift is equivalent to every person in England using 10 bags in the most recent year, compared to 140 bags in 2014.” Retailers across the UK are reporting staggering drops in the sale of single-use plastic bags, signaling a change in customer behaviour after a 5-pence charge was implemented across major retailers. The figures come from the seven biggest retailers in the U.K., Asda, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative Group, Tesco and Waitrose, and were cited by the government’s environment secretary recently to signal customer demand for more environmental considerations from their retailers. For context, England introduced legislation that mandated organisations w

The Four Trends Set to Shape ISO’s Future Strategy

Climate change, economic & trade uncertainty and changing customer expectations and a new digital landscape are set to transform ISO’s direction in the coming years. The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) has unveiled four key factors that it is taking into consideration as it plots course for the future, taking into consideration the possible changes to the landscape that climate change, societal expectations, trade uncertainty and digital transformation are set to usher in. “Without appropriate standards, it will be impossible to address multiple challenges at a global and national level.” The announcement came as ISO held its General Assembly talks in Cape Town, South Af

27 Countries Sign New Cyber Agreement Establishing Online Norms

The signatories say they’re sick of the current ‘wild west’ nature of the internet, adding that cybercrime costs the globe USD $2.9 million every minute A group of 27 nations have signed an agreement pledging fair play on the internet in an attempt to draw some lines in the sand when it comes to nefarious online activity. The agreement, signed by major signatories like the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania and more says that “State and non-state actors are using cyberspace increasingly as a platform for irresponsible behavior from which to target critical infrastructure and our citizens, unde

87 Companies Worth $2.3 Trillion Set Ambitious Climate Targets

The United Nations has said that 87 companies worth a collective $2.3 trillion have made a raft of environmental commitments, signing onto a set of environmental obligations aimed at curbing the rate of global warming to 1.5°C. The companies have a reported emissions footprint of a reported 73 coal-fired plants. The UN says it was a response to the “call to action issued in June by a group of businesses, civil society and UN leaders,” and collectively, the organisations represent more than 4.2 million employees across 28 business sectors in 27 countires around the globe. Those companies have now made a pledge to “align their businesses with what scientists say is needed to limit the world im

How to Leverage Negative Feedback

It takes courage to try new things, and even more courage to admit you were wrong. Learn how the best organisations leverage negative feedback to shape future plans, become more responsive and are more empathetic to customer’s needs. Negative feedback is, I believe, one of the most valuable currencies in business today. It’s an irreplicable insight into the shifting sensibilities and expectations of your customers and the general public, and, to this day, it shocks me that organisations don’t properly leverage this as they move into the future. For whatever reason - be it a sensitive ego, an invincibility complex or simple ignorance - I’ve had countless conversations with leaders of organisa

South Australia Reveals 100% Renewable Energy Economy Plan

South Australia’s government has lifted the lid on plans for the state to shift to renewable power before 2030, and go “well beyond that” in the following decade, according to reports. The plan was unveiled earlier this week at the International Hydrogen Conference in Adelaide, where South Australia said it is in an extremely fortunate position, considering its vast solar and wind resources, to pivot the state’s economy to a 100 per cent hydrogen economy, adding that there are few places in the world more suited to produce, export and consume green hydrogen power. At the conference, South Australia confirmed that well over 50% of the state’s energy requirements were being met by electricity

Australia’s Record CEO Turnover Explained

A recently published report has illustrated a growing trend here in Australia: an astonishingly high turnover of CEOs, breaking previous records. The revelation comes courtesy of Robert Half, a recruiting group that crunched the numbers and found that more than 40 of the top 200 ASX CEOs in Australia - 22% - have been in the position for less than a year; this is up from 20% in 2019. The Australian Financial Review’s Patrick Durkin argues that the high turnover rate is largely due to the fact that business leaders are being burned in the wake of the Hayne royal commission and the slowing economy. The average length of tenure, according to the data, is just six-years. “It’s likely that demand

Information Commissioner: Human-Error Still the “Key Factor” in Data Breaches

A new report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) illustrates that humans continue to be the weak link when it comes to online security and stopping data breaches. While malicious or criminal attacks still represented the largest source of data breaches - 62 percent overall - according to OAIC data, the rate of human error resulting in a wide-scale data leak or loss of customer trust for an organisation is a persistent problem. According to data presented in the OAIC’s latest report - 1st of April - 30th of June - human error played a part in more than a third (34%) of recorded data breaches. Human error, in this case, refers to “sending personal information to t

$47 Trillion-Worth of Banks Adopt UN-Backed Climate Targets

Banks from around the world with combined assets of $47 trillion have adopted a set of ‘responsible banking’ principles that were designed to implement environmental management strategies into the globe’s finance sector. The banks account for one-third of the world’s finance sector, illustrating a shift in the paradigm of world finance and a move toward environmental management and away from fossil fuels. The news comes courtesy of a report from Reuters, and includes some of the world’s largest financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Barclays as well as 130 others joining “the new framework on the eve of a United Nations summit in New York aimed at pushing companies and governm

Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Will Hit Climate Accord Target 10 Years Early

The head of e-commerce giant, Amazon says his company will meet the obligations of the Paris Climate Accord ten-years early as part of a recent push toward environmentally-conscious practices. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos has announced plans for his company to go carbon neutral by 2040 and meet the obligations of the Paris Climate Accord ten years early, according to reports. Bezos announced a $100-million reforestation initiative, confirmed orders for 100,000 electric delivery vans and said the company’s global infrastructure would be powered by 80% renewable energy by 2024, and 100% by 2030; currently Amazon says it is powered by 40% renewable energy. Bezos announced the plan while advocating

How To: Reduce Your Organisation’s Environmental Footprint

Click here for your free ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Gap Analysis Checklist, which will help you massively in the process of reducing your organisation’s environmental footprint. In honor of the climate strikes taking place here in Australia and around the globe, I thought we’d put together a brief piece on how you and your organisation can reduce its environmental footprint. I’ve found from previous experience consulting with hundreds of organisations across countless industries that most individuals have good intentions- but are unsure how to execute on a plan that has environmental considerations, while keeping the organisation moving ahead. “As we move into the future, I be

Open Banking Means Greater Risk of Cyber Attacks, Report Says.

A new report has surfaced warning some of the benefits of open banking could come at a high cost for consumers and banks alike, as the threat of cyberattacks is said to increase as it becomes more prevalent. The report comes courtesy of Trend Micro, who says that they have evidence to support the idea that as the European Union rolls out its new Open Banking legislation, individuals and banks are both at risk of being compromised online. The EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been designed to make finance more transparent and convenient, giving the consumer more power over their data. This control, researchers have found, could come at a cost, as it opens up the potential of

Australian City First Major City Outside Europe to be Powered by 100% Renewables

On the 1st of October, Canberra is will become the first major city outside of Europe to be powered completely by renewable energy. Canberra is currently waiting for the third stage of the Hornsdale wind farm in South Australia to come online, which will feed renewable power to Canberra and the surrounding communities of the ACT. “This shows that states and territories are leading the way on climate action while national governments often lag behind. Australia is a perfect example.” When it does come online, however, Canberra will be a member of a very exclusive group of cities worldwide that can claim being powered by renewable energy, with three cities in Germany and Austria, and one city

How To: Refine Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The internet is a wonderful thing, there’s no doubt about that. Regardless of the geographical constraints, the internet has enabled real-time connection of businesses and their potential clients. It’s not all good news, however. The same connectivity that your organisation enjoys is shared with your competition, and as a consumer, there’s more choice than ever before when it comes to identifying and transacting with one organisation in particular. In acknowledgement of this fact, today we’re going to be looking at the importance of refining and optimising your organisation’s unique selling proposition, or your USP. Your unique selling proposition is how you, through your marketing, put your

Why The Man Who Pioneered the Recyclable Aluminium Can Chose Not To Patent it

A look at one man’s innovative invention that spurred an entire industry into environmental action. If you're interested in finding out how you can reduce your organisation's environmental impact, click here for our free ISO 14001 Gap Analysis Checklist. Today’s story focuses on William ‘Uncle Bill’ Coors of the Coors beer family, an engineer who turned an impending environmental and expensive problem into an industry-leading technology that transformed how the world produced its beverage containers. Interestingly enough, rather than insist his company patented the concept, he made it available for companies that wanted to reduce their environmental impact… in the 1950’s of all decades. At t

Data of Nearly Every Ecuadorian Citizen Leaked Online

Researchers have uncovered a trove of data leaked online housing personal information data on nearly every citizen of Ecuador after a “catastrophic” data breach. It’s said to be one of the largest collections of personal data ever found, and consists of an 18-gigabyte file hosting the personal information of more than 20 million residents of Ecuador. The files were found by researchers that were working on a web-mapping project at vpnMentor on an unsecured cloud server. The files included many details of deceased individuals, considering there was information found on more than 20 million citizens, and Ecuador’s population is hovering around 17 million. Personal information of as many as 6.7

Climate Council: “This is What Climate Change Looks Like”

The Climate Council has released a report detailing what the impact of climate change means for Australian landscapes that are beginning to bear the brunt. The authors warn that the word ‘unprecedented’ is becoming a regular occurrence in news these days, particularly in terms of climate projections and reporting. However, they warn that “these events are playing havoc with our health, our agricultural systems, our communities and our economy.” “Australia has been identified as the most vulnerable developed country to such risks, and our unique species and ecosystems are already suffering.” You can access the Climate Council’s report in full, here. The first of the Climate Council’s findings

How To Get Motivated

We all have those days. I had one just recently, where it was difficult to get out of bed - particularly at 5am - and every task that I’d normally charge through without a second thought was a slow chore that I felt obliged to push through. It’s normal, as human beings, to feel unmotivated. The difference is, some of us are better at recognising this, and practicing ways to curb our procrastination into productivity than others. It’s not rocket science, although it is another discipline entirely: psychology. Thankfully for you, though, I’ve done the work in collating advice and research from professionals for this piece. So sit back and discover how you can become more motivated, and impleme

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