Woolworths Underpaid Nearly 6,000 Staff $300 Million

Supermarket giant Woolworths has admitted to underpaying 5,700 staff members by as much as $300 million over the past decade, the ABC is reporting. The news came in the form of a statement to the ASX, Woolworths said it had failed to pay salaries in full, as mandated by the General Retail Industry Award (GRIA). According to the ABC, “the underpayment emerged when the implementation of a new enterprise agreement highlighted ‘an inconsistency in pay’ under the old agreement for some workers.” Woolworths has estimated the impact of compensation as a result of the underpayments will total anywhere between $200 million to $300 million before tax. The company says it has an ‘extensive plan’ to rem

3-Million UniCredit Customers Hit By Cyber Attack

UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, has revealed the size and scope of a 2015 data breach that saw private information of up to 3 million customers accessed by hackers. Reuters is reporting that “the lender, which said the latest breach related to a 2015 file containing emails and phone numbers of millions of Italian clients, has spent 2.4 billion euros since 2016 to upgrade its IT systems and boost cybersecurity.” The bank says it has launched an internal investigation into the breach, informing the relevant authorities and law enforcement, and customers impacted by the breach will be notified by post or their online banking service. In the wake of the attack, the bank is expected to release a

Amazon Now on ‘Dirty Dozen’ List for Dangerous Employers

Amazon has found its way on to the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s “dirty dozen” list after reports of poor working conditions and even suicides have plagued the e-commerce giant’s health and safety track record. The Council has noted in its latest report - which you can access here - that Amazon has had six worker deaths in seven months, for a total of 13 deaths since 2013, while many more have suffered injuries in the workplace, and mental health issues have also had a reported rise in frequency. Also mentioned in the dirty dozen list was McDonald's USA, Purdue Pharma and Johns Hopkins Hospital. According to Futurism’s Natalie Coleman, authors of the ‘dirty dozen’ lis

Google Sued For ‘Misleading’ Conduct Surrounding Consumer Data

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking tech-giant Google to court over what it labels ‘misleading’ customers about the use of their personal data. The ACCC announced the move Tuesday, lodging documents to the Federal Court, stating that Google “mislead consumers when it made on-screen representations about the location data it collected, and in particular about continuing to collect and use personal data against consumers’ wishes,” according to the ABC’s Stephen Letts. "Google has collected, kept and used highly sensitive and valuable personal information about consumers’ location without them making an informed choice.” Rod Sims, ACCC Chair Rod Sims, Chair of the ACCC

Police Make Arrests After Discovering Mafia Recycling Ring

Italian police say they have made arrests following the discovery of an illegal recycling operation where mafia members were making shoes from toxic plastic, according to reports. The BBC is writing that authorities took action after a lengthy investigation found that contaminated plastic was being sent from the Italian cities of Ragusa and Catania on the island of Sicily to China, where it was remanufactured into shoes, reshipped, and found for sale in Italian shops. “Police say 15 people were held on a range of offences, including extortion and waste trafficking,” according to reports. Those arrested included two businessmen and Claudio Carbonaro, head of the notorious Carbonaro-Dominante

Experimenting in Business

“Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.” - Jeff Bezos. It’s hard to live without a smartphone these days- impossible if you’re trying to run a business. There’s a world of applications out there to make life easier for business owners and individuals alike, and in the space of twelve years since the launch of the original iPhone, we’ve come leaps and bounds in terms of processing power and features. Now, I’d like you to imagine what would have happened if Steve Jobs and the team didn’t start experimenting with an all-new approach to the mobile phone all those years ago. I’m not by any means suggesting that the smartphone woul

Adobe Security Vulnerability Exposes Sensitive Data of Millions

For a free Information Security Gap Analysis Checklist, click here. Adobe has confirmed a security vulnerability that exposed the personal information of more than 7.5 million users, according to reports. The vulnerability was discovered while Adobe was working on one of its ‘prototype environments’ and has left millions of customers now vulnerable to phishing attacks to capture more sensitive data. The news was first broken by CompariTech’s Paul Bischoff, who partnered with security researcher Bob Diachenko and discovered the exposed database, and went on to report on their discovery. “Diachenko immediately notified Adobe on October 19 and the company secured the database on the same day,”

IT Security Industry Stagnating Due To Hiring Rules: Report

A report published by the Chartered Institute of Information Security says that the industry is at threat of being ‘overwhelmed’ by cyberthreats if the current state of hiring requirements isn’t relaxed. It was one of the first public statements from the CIISec institute after being awarded the Royal Charter, and the institute wasted no time in warning of the threats in the cyber landscape if it continues to struggle against the escalating skills crisis in the IT industry. In a release - which you can access here - warns that “the shortage of cybersecurity professionals around the globe has never been more acute. New research by (ISC)2 places the estimate at just under 3 million - 2.93 milli

How India Puts Its Plastic Waste To Use

Indian researchers and industry alike are implementing innovative new ways to recycle waste, in the face of a drastically rising population and potential environmental disaster, according to a new report from the HindustanTimes who interviewed a number of waste management and recycling experts. Numbers cited in the report say that India generates around 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste each day; equivalent to 4,300 elephants. According to the Union environment ministry, 60% of this figure is recycled, while the rest is either burnt or finds its way into landfills, drains and oceans. In light of this, researchers are now looking for new ways India can re-use this plastic waste to avoid an impen

Improve Your Marketing With Seven Steps

For information on our 2020 Business Summit, click here “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” Andrew Davis Marketing is hard- let’s put that on the table from the get-go. While it may be hard, the cost of not marketing your organisation is far greater than trying and getting it wrong. There’s a seemingly endless number of ways to market your business and separate yourself from the crowd when it comes to finding your audience, but today, we’re going to break down seven tips from a business idol of mine. Recently, I’ve had almost everyone in the Best Practice family read Chet Holmes’ ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ to refine their skills particula

Coca-Cola Named The World's Most Polluting Brand

Coca-Cola has been named the world’s most polluting brand for the second year in a row following a global audit of trash, conducted by the Break Free From Plastic organisation. You can read the full 2019 Global Brand Audit Report here, where Coca-Cola was found to have contributed to more waste than the next top three polluters combined. In terms of the organisation’s methodology, according to The Intercept, “more than 72,000 volunteers fanned out onto beaches, paddled along waterways,and walked along the streets near their offices and homes picking up plastic bottles, cups, wrappers, bags and scraps for the one-day cleanup in September that was the basis for the audit.” “Within 2 hours the

Equifax Used ‘Admin’ as Username and Password Guarding Vital Data

Reports are circulating that Equifax had set ‘admin’ as both the default username and password credentials for a database that contained extremely sensitive information, according to details listed in a lawsuit filed in federal court in the Northern District of Georgia. Buzzfeed reporter, Jane Lytvnenko first tweeted the revelation last week after she was privy to court documents. “Equifax employed the username ‘admin’ and the password ‘admin’ to protect a portal used to manage credit disputes, a password that is ‘a surefire way to get hacked,’” the lawsuit read. Details of the lawsuit also show that Equifax had admitted to utilising unencrypted serves to store vital data on its customers, a

Grit In Business

Kobi Simmat explores the concept of grit, and how you can out-perform almost anyone with the application of a few simple principles. If I’m sure about one thing in the dynamic world of business, it’s that you don’t necessarily have to be the smartest person in the room to achieve an outcome; you just need to be prepared to put in the hard work. This is, in essence, the bedrock underlying the concept of grit, whereby perseverance and commitment to a set of goals. Angela Duckworth, one of the leading psychologists in this space says that grit is the “perseverance and passion for long-term goals” that can lead an individual to get the result they want, in spite of mitigating circumstances that

Exxon Goes to Court For Allegedly Misleading Investors over Climate Change Costs

A lawsuit has been filed by New York’s attorney general, alleging that oil company Exxon lied to investors as to the true value of the company when governments worldwide introduce more stringent environmental regulations. According to the Associated Press, “the lawsuit, which is set to go to trial Tuesday, claims that the Texas energy giant kept two sets of books - one accounting for climate change regulations and the other underestimating the costs - to make the company appear more valuable to investors.” According to documents from the Supreme Court of the State of New York, “Exxon in effect erected a Potemkin village to create the illusion that it had fully considered the risks of future

Renewables Set to Explode by 50% Within Five Years: Report

The International Energy Agency’s latest report signals a wide scale and rapid expansion for the renewable energy sector. A report from the International Energy Agency - IEA - has noted the globe’s current renewable energy supplies are growing faster than forecasted, and are estimated to grow by as much as 50% within the next five years. That reported rise in the roll-out of renewables is being buoyed by a ‘resurgence’ in solar energy, according to The Guardian’s Jillian Ambrose. According to Ambrose, the latest report “predicts that by 2024 a new dawn for cheap solar power could see the world’s solar capacity grow by 600-gigawatts, almost double the installed total electricity capacity of

The 14 Habits of Highly Effective Organisations - Part Two

More often than not with these articles, I’m talking about my approach to doing business, and what I’ve implemented that has worked - and failed - at Best Practice. Today, however, we’re going to be doing a bit of analysis on a piece published on Entrepreneur, from Rob Finklestein, author of “Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company.” If you’ve kept an eye on our blog, you would have noticed that we’ve covered the majority of these pillars of business in long-length articles which I encourage you to check out. I think it’s important to take the views and insights from other business figures into account when we’re tossing up what works in business, so, for now, let’s jump into Finklestein’s lis

Could The Six-Bin Approach Solve Australia’s Recycling Crisis?

A report from the ABC shows that the Victorian State Government is considering ways it can improve the effectiveness of its recycling program across the state using six separate bins. The news comes after the publication of a report commissioned by the State Government from Infrastructure Victoria, where the six-bin model was mentioned alongside other recycling initiatives to keep the infrastructure in line with the rising amount of waste that can no longer be sent to China for processing. “It’s very important that we have very clean streams of materials that are easy to recycle,” said project director at Infrastructure Victoria, Elissa McNamara. “In the past, we’ve been able to just set and

The 14 Habits of Highly Effective Organisations Part One

More often than not with these articles, I’m talking about my approach to doing business, and what I’ve implemented that has worked - and failed - at Best Practice. Today, however, we’re going to be doing a bit of analysis on a piece published on Entrepreneur, from Rob Finklestein, author of “Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company.” If you’ve kept an eye on our blog, you would have noticed that we’ve covered the majority of these pillars of business in long-length articles which I encourage you to check out. I think it’s important to take the views and insights from other business figures into account when we’re tossing up what works in business, so, for now, let’s jump into Finklestein’s lis

The Best Investment Your Organisation Can Make Today

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin. Some investments are better than others. Some pay off quickly, while others take years and even decades to pay off. The investment that we’re talking about today, however, is one of the most essential - yet overlooked - investments I believe an organisation can make as they operate if they’re genuine in their pursuit of success. If you think about it in other contexts, you can see just how essential the principle is to apply in business if you are to achieve your goals. An athlete invests in training gear and gym memberships, a builder invests in good quality tools, and an artist invests in the best quality paint

Marketplace Selling Stolen Credit Card Details Gets Hacked

Talk about a sweet slice of karma. Reports are circulating that a website notorious for selling up to half a billion dollars worth of stolen credit card details has been hacked, according to a report from KrebsOnSecurity. The website, BriansClub, was infamous as an underground store for stolen credentials and other nefarious data for purchase. According to KrebsOnSecurity, “the data stolen from BriansClub encompasses more than 26 million credit and debit card records taken from hacked online and brick-and-mortar retailers over the past four years, including almost eight million records uploaded to the shop in 2019 alone.” “The data stolen from BriansClub encompasses more than 26 million cred

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