Testing at Australia’s First Offshore Windfarm Begins

Testing has begun at what will become Australia’s first offshore windfarm, located off the coast of Gippsland, Victoria which could potentially power up to 1.2 million dwellings when completed. Nicknamed ‘The Star of the South’, the wind farm can produce up to 2000-megawatts of renewable power - around 18 per cent of Victoria’s overall power demand - and is slated to cost anywhere between $8-10 billion. News of the test coincides with a union movement urging the state and federal government to facilitate the project’s continuation, according to The Age’s Benjamin Preiss. “Previous estimates indicated the Star of the SOuth wind farm could include 250 turbines, but that is yet to be determined

Cyber Attack Hits Wind and Solar Energy Provider

It’s being described as the first of its kind, and the first cyberattack to disconnect a US power grid operator from its power station. sPower, a renewable energy provider based in Utah has been the first renewable energy provider to fall victim to a cyberattack after it was hit by a breach in April. The attack caused sPower to lost connection with its installations, making it also the first renewable energy company to lose connection to its resources as the result of a cyber attack. News came from E&E News who first reported on the breach after a “cryptic” report published by the US Department of Energy said that grid operations in the west of the United States were distrupted by a ‘cyber e

Shell to Purchase Wind Farm Specialist

Royal Dutch Shell is expected to close a deal that would see it take control of a French renewable energy company, EOLFI, as it looks to diversify its energy portfolio in the face of mounting pressure from investors and regulators alike. According to Reuters, “EOFLI has largely focused on solar and wind projects, including offshore wind farms. Offshore wind is one of the largest growing renewables markets, with floating structures the technology’s next frontier because they utilize waters that are too deep for traditional turbines fixed to the seabed.” Shell generates the majority of its revenue from oil and gas and has stated its intentions to become the world’s largest electricity supplier

Siri, Alexa and Google Smart Speakers Hacked by a Laser

Researchers have published their findings after successfully hacking popular ‘smart’ devices from Apple, Google and Amazon with a laser beam of light. The form of attack has been dubbed “light commands”, which exploits the design of a smart device’s microphone, which work by converting sound into electrical signals. Researchers have found a new way to use the MEMS microphone to react to light shone at it by a laser, which can in turn be used to manipulate the device. According to reports, they were able to launch commands at the devices from 110 meters away, which could potentially have widespread ramifications in the future if cybercriminals were to utilise this technique. Researchers say t

Australia’s Main Grid Hits 50% Renewable Power For The First Time

Australia’s main grid - otherwise known as the National Electricity Market - has for the first time in history been powered by more than 50% renewable sources, according to a new report from RenewEconomy. The report, which can be accessed here says that in one trading period on Wednesday, half of net electricity demand on Australia’s main grid was met by renewable sources of energy. “The milestone was reached at 1150 AEST, when the combined output of rooftop solar, large-scale wind, and large-scale solar reached 50.2 per cent of the near 25GW being produced on the main grid, which includes Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, but not Western Australia or the Northern Terr

Tips for an Effective Process Flow

This article has taken inspiration and direct quotes from a past Best Practice Webinar presented by our CEO, Kobi Simmat, which can be viewed here. Today we’re going to work on getting you more comfortable with creating a process flow for your own business, and one of the best analogies we’ve got in this context is to imagine a world map before you’re heading off on an around the globe trip. You’re going to point out your destination on the world map, then look to another map to see the states or provinces, and then move to a more local map to see where your hotel is, or where the beach is; the same applies when we’re talking about layers mapping your process flow. We’ve got to start up the

Have You Received an ‘Update Your Payment’ Email from Netflix?

Here’s how to tell if an email you’ve received from a service provider is legitimate, or a legitimate scam. It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t have a paid Netflix subscription these days, so much so, that scammers are well-aware of this fact and they’ve launched a new way to exploit vulnerable or rushed individuals. It’s what is known as a spearphishing scam, whereby a scammer insists that urgent action is required to either secure an account or fix a billing issue after an automatic payment was rejected. As you can see from the screenshot supplied by MailGuard, the scammers have a legitimate-looking profile, domain address, and a convincing-enough use of data like the user account infor

11,000 Scientists Warn of 'Untold Human Suffering' & Declare Climate Emergency

Eleven-thousand scientists from 153 countries have co-authored a letter declaring a climate emergency, warning that without huge shifts in the way we produce and consume, we face “untold human suffering,” in the face of climate change. The letter, according to The Independent, is based on climate science first established in 1979 at the World Climate Conference in Geneva and was submitted to the publication BioScience. “Despite 40 years of major global negotiations, we have continued to conduct business as usual and have failed to address the crisis,” William Ripple, professor of ecology at Oregon State University wrote. “Climate change has arrived and is accelerating faster than many scient

Information & Data Security Key to Minimising Risk: Amsro

With privacy protection, data management and consumer trust top of mind for regulators, clients and the public- never has the role of AMSRO been more important and industry standards more valuable. Corporate integrity is in the spotlight and a key protection is accreditation. Earlier this year AMSRO, in conjunction with Best Practice Certification, launched a new risk assessment program, the Information and Data Security Compliance System (IDSC), designed to support our members’ needs further to safeguard the collection, management and storage of data and personal information. AMSRO is delighted to announce that Quality Online Research (QOR) has completed the pilot program to become the firs

Nikkei Loses $29 Million to Scammers in ‘Humiliating’ Business Email Compromise

The latest scam targetting business email domains shows that hackers are increasingly looking to exploit human error for profit… and it’s working. To ensure your business doesn't fall victim, click here for a free ISO 27001 Information Security Management System checklist. Japanese media giant Nikkei has admitted a business email compromise (BEC) eventuated with the company losing $29 to scammers following ‘human error’. Nikkei is one of Japan’s largest media companies, owns the Financial Times, and is based in Tokyo. According to media reports and a public statement offered up by Nikkei, scammers successfully pulled-off a BEC attack that resulted in the company transferring $29 million to a

How To: Improve Your Problem-Solving in Business

No matter how much momentum you and your organisation have, you’re bound to come in contact with some roadblocks on your journey to success. It’s how you get over those roadblocks that often separates good organisations from the great ones, however, so let’s talk about some different ways to strategise and overcome these figurative hurdles with the help of some science and psychology. One of the things I’ve picked up in the multiple decades I’ve had in the business world is that facing a problem in business isn’t entirely a negative thing. What I mean by this is, a number of managers and leaders out there analyse the landscape and identify a problem and they see exactly that: a problem. Afte

Scientists Create Artifical Leaf That Inhales Carbon and Produces Fuel

Researchers have been working on an artificial leaf that has the potential to transform carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into fuel, according to a report from The Independent. The new technology is said to be inspired by the natural process of photosynthesis, whereby a plant or tree uses carbon dioxide and produces glucose and oxygen as a byproduct. Researchers say that the artificial leaf design “mimics this process- with the help of a cheap red power called cuprous oxide and produces methanol and oxygen,” according to the report. They have published their findings in Nature Energy, where the team says the methanol can in turn be collected and used as a fuel source after the water is evapor

Australian Government's $1 Billion Renewable Pledge

The Federal Government has made a $1 billion pledge to improve Australia’s renewable energy sector, adding the committment is part of its move to give Australian households a “fair deal on energy.” A total of $1 billion has been given to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation - CEFC - for investment into new technologies that will maintain the reliability o Australia’s electricity grid while moving to cleaner sources of energy. The CEFC was established in 2012 under the Labor government, and has a mandate to return a profit each year. According to the ABC, “it leveraged $3 worth of private investment for each taxpayer-dollar lent.” It is reported that no specific investment plans have been out

Microsoft Japan Sees Three-Day Weekend Boost Productivity 40%

Microsoft’s Japanese arm recently trailed a new four-day work week, giving 2,300 of its employees Friday off, and it resulted in a 40% boost in productivity from its employees. The strategy, dubbed working reform project aimed at improving the work-life balance of its employees, and was implemented for one month to measure any noticeable change in the culture & productivity of its employees. The results were arguably far greater than anyone could have expected, with a 39.9% reported increase in productivity after the implementation of a four-day workweek. According to reports, much of the increase in productivity was attributed to the changing of meetings… With only four days to get everythi

Cyber Attack on Asia-Pacific Ports Could Cost $110 Billion

Research conducted has shown that a major cyberattack on Asia-Pacific trading ports could blow out to a hit to the world’s economy in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars. That claim is according to a Singapore-based Cyber Risk Management unit called the CyRiM Project, however, the findings have also been backed by the University of Cambridge, Lloyd’s of London as well as a number of other organisations. The project, according to InfoSecurity-Magazine’s Phil Muncaster “paints a hypothetical picture of a computer virus, dubbed ‘Shen,’ which exploits a vulnerability in port management software from a major shipping management company. It’s not made clear whether the virus is ransomware,

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