Researchers Say Businesses Aren’t Ready for 5G Roll-Out

Researchers have published a new report showing that the vast majority of organisations aren’t close to ready in terms of their cybersecurity readiness for the roll-out of the new 5G network. The paper, published by AT&T is known as the Cybersecurity Insights Report: Security at the Speed of 5G analysed data from 704 cybersecurity professionals from organisations across the globe- all with more than 500 employees. The paper found that enterprises are lagging in terms of their security capabilities with the new network, and are failing to capitalise on the new-found opportunities of automated security that are enabled by a 5G network. The study found that nearly all respondents are expected t

9 Steps to Optimise Your Organisation

“No one can walk your path but you,” Rumi. Today, we’re going to be looking at some work published from The Game Changers, who have put forward their guide to optimise systems in an organisation in order to ensure that people go from surviving to thriving. “It starts with one decision- to choose to do something else, something differently for you. To create change today for tomorrow,” Barry Magliarditi, founder and director of The Game Changers explains. “Business can be hard and uncomfortable,” he says, adding that “the dream of owning your own business and creating the chance to be your own boss, build your own financial freedom and create the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones

Why Your Small Businesses Can’t Afford To Ignore Cyber Security

For your free Information Security Gap Analysis Checklist, click here. We often talk about investments paying dividends in business- be it an investment in your staff, new procedures, your distribution or manufacturing methods, but there’s an even more important conversation that often gets left on the table centered on staying safe in the digital world. From personal experience, I’ve seen cyberattacks cripple organisations, and completely envelop others. For those leaders, cybersecurity just wasn’t a key priority for them as they were building the business. While I can empathise with this sentiment, it’s difficult to sympathise with it, considering the ravenous appetite that hackers have wh

‘Cyber Ranges’ Open To Train Organisations Against Cyberattacks

A number of ‘practice ranges’ where IT specialists and organisations can prepare against the worst of a cyberattack have opened up in Europe, as well as the US. The move is an initiative from Accenture, who has opened up a range inside its Innovation Center in Essen, Germany, which is aimed specifically to cater for utility and chemical industries, with a “particular focus on electric distribution networks and chemical plants,” according to reports, as well as two on US soil. The cyber ranges provide an opportunity for organisations to develop their cybersecurity protocols and emergency-response plans in a simulated environment that is described as a hyper-realistic, interactive and controll

Data Breaches Set To Cost Healthcare Industry $4 Billion USD in 2019

New statistics have been published detailing the significant toll cyberattacks and data breaches are having on the healthcare industry in the form of $4 billion in 2019 alone. The research comes courtesy of Black Book Market Research, who surveyed more than 2,800 security professionals from 733 provider organisations to “identify gaps, vulnerabilities and deficiencies that persis in keeping hospitals and physicians proverbial sitting ducks from data breaches and cyberattacks,” according to a release published from Black Book Mark Research. “Healthcare providers continued to be the most targeted organizations for industry cybersecurity breaches with nearly 4 out of 5 breaches.” Amongst its ke

How To Improve Your Organisation’s Employee Retention

If you’re feeling as though your organisation struggles to hold onto some of its best talent, you’re not alone. According to data from Towers Watson, it’s a global problem impacting more than 50% of the world’s enterprises. Problematic employee retention has a number of downsides: obviously, a hit to your organisation’s productivity and profitability, as well as contributing to a sub-par working environment and culture in your organisation that loops back to the productivity and profitability we just mentioned. Some organisations fall victim to a seemingly endless cycle that is painful to watch from the sidelines, where a toxic working environment is already eating away at its potential, and

Five Places Hackers Are Discreetly Stealing Your Data

We’re all-too accustomed to handing over our data to service providers; be it financial institutions or entertainment providers, the practice of handing over sensitive personally-identifiable information (PII) is commonplace. The same too can apply to organisations that are responsible for keeping this data safe, however, complacency in this particular area can prove disastrous, as authors of the Stealth Report have pointed out in their latest publication. “Skyrocketing data breaches bring incalculable losses to organizations can cost cybersecurity executives their jobs,” they state, adding that the purpose of their latest report was to “examine the top five places in 2019 where cybercrimina

Google Secretly Storing Data of Millions of Americans: Report

A new report has emerged from The Wall Street Journal stating that tech-giant, Google has a ‘secret project’ storing health data on millions of Americans, without their knowledge. The report, which can be accessed here says that “Google is engaged with one of the U.S.’s largest health-care systems on a project to collect and crunch the detailed personal-health information of millions of people across 21 states.” In addition to this, Rob Copeland is reporting that “the initiative, code-named ‘Project Nightingale’, appears to be the biggest effort yet by a Silicon Valley giant to gain a toehold in the health-care industry through the handling of patients’ medical data. Amazon, Apple and Micros

Global Government Campaign Identifies 120 Phishing Sites

120 phishing websites have been singled out by a multi-government initiative targeting government procurement services, according to a report from security company Anomali. Anomali is reporting that cloned and spoofed copies of government departments, email services and two postal services were exposed by the campaign, on top of the usual social engineering techniques used by scammers to fool unwitting users into handing over their personal data, and even financial details. Data released earlier this year from Microsoft shows that there has been an apparent 250% increase in phishing attacks in 2019 compared to 2018 statistics. The attachments linked to emails sent out would send a user to a

Healthcare Provider Pays $6 Million To Settle Data Breach Lawsuit

American healthcare provider, Banner Health, has confirmed it will pay $6 million to victims of a 2016 data breach that compromised the cybersecurity procedures put in place by Banner Health. Banner Health is Arizona’s largest single-employer, operating across 28 hospitals with facilities across six states, employing around 50,000 people. In June of 2016, Banner Health was hit by a cyber breach that saw the private health data of more than 2.9 million Americans become compromised in an attack that spanned two weeks. Two weeks later, a class-action on behalf of private individuals was launched in the US District Court of Arizona against Banner health, and after quite some time in the courts,

Let’s Talk About Passwords

One basic or re-used password from a single member of staff could prove disastrous for your organisation, so, let’s talk about passwords. Earlier this year, an employee of mine at Best Practice received an email from me asking them to head down to the nearest supermarket and purchase $500 of gift cards. The bluntly-worded email set off an alarm bell for that staff member who instantly questioned the motive - and identity - of the sender. They also provided links to a site that mirrored Google’s password change page which, of course, asked you to provide your old or current password before you could change to a new one. Thankfully, instead of blindly following the request, the member of staff

Microsoft: 44 Million Passwords Have Been Breached

Tech giant Microsoft has made a public statement urging its users to reset their passwords after discovering that tens of millions of its users have been using log in credentials that have been breached in the past. These breaches put individuals and organisations alike at risk of a cyber breach and account takeover, and were discovered after a three-month study that was conducted earlier this year. Between January and March 2019, Microsoft’s threat research team worked away on checking the credentials of more than 3-billion log ins that were known to have been compromised by hackers using third-party sources, law enforcement and public databases. Microsoft found that more than 44 million Mi

Five Employee Retention Statistics That Show the Extent of the Problem For Organisations

As I’m sure you know, it’s not an easy feat to succeed in modern business. The problem is compounded - particularly for small businesses - when it comes to finding and holding onto great employees. In light of this, today we’re going to have a quick look at some statistics around employee retention in the context of US organisations. While this data might be specific to the US, it no doubt shines a light on overall trends that impact all organisations big and small. Three Million Americans Quit Their Job each month. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, three-and-a-half million Americans quit their job each month, and this number doesn’t even touch on involuntary terminat

More Than 2.7 Billion Email and Passwords Leaked Online

Security researchers have discovered a treasure-trove of username, email and password combinations listed online by an unknown party. The data was first discovered by security researcher Bob Diachenko, who found the unsecured Elasticsearch database on December 4. The data, however, was first indexed by a BinaryEdge search engine - and publicly accessible to cybercriminals - from the start of the month. According to Info Security Magazine, “in total, the database contained 2.7 billion email addresses, and plain-text passwords for more than one billion of them - providing a perfect starting point for a credential stuffing campaign,” writes Phil Muncaster. “After [Diachenko] notified the US-bas

Software Company Declares Ransomware Emergency; Calls For Government Action

Emsisoft, an internationally-acclaimed security software company has released its latest cybersecurity report ahead of time, declaring a ransomware crisis that will continue to plague organisations and individuals alike unless further action is taken. The company based in New Zealand has actually pushed forward the release date of its report by three weeks in an attempt to curb the current rate of attacks. The report, which can be accessed here analysed attacks in the United States and shows that in a single year, 948 government agencies, healthcare providers and universities had been hit by ransomware attacks. Emsisoft puts the cost of these attacks and their subsequent damage costs at more

Eyes On: Leadership Styles Part Two

Today we’re going to continue our series of content that takes an in-depth look at some of the most popular styles of management out there, as well as a list of some of the pros and cons that come with them. It’s very rare that one single style of leadership will successfully empower all of your staff without some form of detriment - to yourself, a small number of staff, the executive team, whomever- and that’s why it’s important to take part in an exercise like this. We have to first realise that an organisation is made up of a lot of moving parts, and what works for some may not work for others. I’m in a fortunate position where I’ve been able to witness this take place first-hand in my ow

Eyes On: Leadership Styles- Part One

Today we’re going to kick off a new series of content that takes an in-depth look at some of the most popular styles of management out there, as well as a list of some of the pros and cons that come with them. It’s very rare that one single style of leadership will successfully empower all of your staff without some form of detriment - to yourself, a small number of staff, the executive team, whomever- and that’s why it’s important to take part in an exercise like this. We have to first realise that an organisation is made up of a lot of moving parts, and what works for some may not work for others. I’m in a fortunate position where I’ve been able to witness this take place first-hand in my

Government to Charities: You’re At Risk of a Cyber Attack

The UK Government has issued an alert directed at charities operating in the United Kingdom after a recent spike in the number of fraud cases where scammers impersonate employees of a charity. A spokesperson from the UK’s Charity Commission said that “we have received several reports from charities who have been targeted by fraudsters impersonating members of staff, specifically attempting to change employees’ bank details.” “With a strong social engineering element, the fraudster often states that they have changed their bank account details or opened a new bank account.” According to Info Security Magazine, “all the requests to change employee bank details were made via email. The Charity

Elon Musk’s Plan to Power United States On Solar Energy

Elon Musk has teased a new way to power the United States entirely with solar power after a fan successfully bated him with a quote from Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. The initial interaction started with a follower of Elon Musk posted a 2011 quote from Bill Gates who said that solar power was “cute”, but insisted that electricity sourced from nuclear power was a more viable and sustainable option to power the United States’ 327-million residents. Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk responded, adding that Bill Gates was “def[inetly] wrong,” clearly stating that “Solar power is a Gigawatt per square km! All you need is a 100 by 100-mile patch in a deserted corner of Arizona, Texas or Utah (or an

FTC Rules that Cambridge Analytica Deceived Users

The US Federal Trade Commission has ruled that Cambridge Analytica successfully deceived tens of millions of users and harvested their data for commercial benefit and extremely accurate political targeting. The ruling comes in the wake of a 5-0 ruling in favor of issuing the ‘Opinion and Final Order’ to Cambridge Analytica, after the company managed to obtain data from 87 million Facebook users. It is claimed that “the data, harvested via an innocuous-looking app, was subsequently used to target swing voters ahead of the 2016 US Presidential election,” according to Info Security Magazine. The FTC Opinion and Final Order acted to confirm allegations raised in an administrative complaint issue

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