Safety Management System

AS/NZS 4801:2001

AS/NZS 4801:2001 is an Australian and New Zealand standard for Occupational Health & Safety systems. 


AS/NZS 4801:2001 outlines the requirements for your organization to develop efficient safety systems. It shows interested parties and stakeholders your organization is committed to the safety of workers and providing a safe work environment. It is an important sign of your business' capability to reduce costs through preventing workplace injury and illness.


AS/NZS 4801:2001 is the most widely recognized OH&S standard in Australia. It is applicable to organisations of all sizes, industries or products and services it offers.

Best Practice is JAS-ANZ accredited to provide Certification to this standard.


Please note: AS/NZS 4801:2001 to ISO 45001:2018 Migration Date is the 12 September 2021, this has been extended due to COVID-19.



Optional Gap Analysis

Performed by Best Practice, we evaluate your management system to each clause of the relevant standard. This will identify the level of compliance that your existing management system has.

Best Practice provides an assessment report outlining any faults in your management system that needs to be addressed prior to certification. 


Step 3




Stage 1 Assessment

The evaluation of your management system documentation, including policies, processes, management review records, scope and context as well as system implementation.


This sets the foundation for the stage two assessment. 



Stage 2 Assessment


Best Practice needs to verify that the documented requirements of the standard are implemented across your business.


We visit your offices and premises as well as partake in discussions with relevant individuals in your business.


Your management system is assessed and verified as being implemented. 




Once your stage two assessment is verified and the process is complete, a 'Statement of Certification' is issued, confirming compliance with the relevant standard.

This certification is valid for a three-year period from the date of issue.


Regular surveillance assessments will be performed at a minimum of once every 12 months to maintain your certification.

Why Choose Best Practice?

  • We are genuinely passionate and excited about helping customers not only get certified, but seeing them become more profitable, safe and efficient.

  • We pro-actively improve our own business so that we can help our customers improve their organisations

  • A fresh approach to ISO certification - we are honest and open and want to grow with you

  • Receive in-depth practical reports from assessors that add value to your business

  • Included world-class online ISO training for your entire team

  • We have our client's best interest at heart, and remain focused on improving the business itself, rather than just providing certification and simply walking away. 

13 Items We Look For During Your Certification Assessment...

A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Certified 

Here's the first three: 

  1. Your 'Why'

  2. Management Review

  3. Issues List

If you're looking for the rest simply download our free improvement plan below, designed to inform you on our approach to ISO Certification. 

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AS/NZS 4801:2001 - General Overiew

Check out this quick video providing a general overview of AS/NZS 4801 OH&S Management System.

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