February 26th - February 27th 2020

Why The 2020 Vision Business Summit?

Businesses in Australia are now, more than ever, facing an ever-increasing list of challenges

The 2020 Vision Business Summit offers you unlimited access to some of the top

business leadership coaches in Australia, each offering you unique insights to help

take your career and organisation to the next level. 

The key actionable content that you will explore throughout the Summit is

how to: 

  • Create relevant and competitive advantages

  • Maintain and grow company culture

  • Get a quantum shift in key areas of the organisation

  • Find, hire and retain the best talent

  • Scale quickly and accurately

  • Use systems to put a foundation under rapid growth

  • Look out for what might be around the corner

At bestpractice.biz we set high standards, implement strong programs, and

sound strategies, to drive change in your organisation for generations to come!


Guest Speakers

Ita Buttrose

Australian Media Icon & Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Chairperson

Naomi Simson

Founder RedBalloon, Co-founder of The Big Red Group & Shark Tank Investor

Stephen Scheeler

Former CEO of Facebook AUS/NZ 

Kobi Simmat

Best Practice CEO & Host 

Nick Fagan

Founder of Next Practice

Karen Lebsanft

Founding Director & CEO of Kurrajong Kitchen

Tulsi van de Graaff

Partner at Brave People Solutions 

Michael Haynes

B2B Customer Strategy Specialist

Tansel Ali

Memory Coach

Simon Bedard

CEO of Exit Advisory Group

Andrew Barrett

Chief Connector & Podcast Host

Guy Leech

Ironman & CEO at Heart180

David Morrison

Founder of Optimised Dad

Andrew Mackenzie

BQ Choices Managing Director


VIP Launch & Networking

Gala Awards Night

Summit Guest Speakers


Best Practice has gathered some of the top Business Improvement and Leadership Coaches in Australia to teach, inspire, and motivate our future leaders of tomorrow.  Come to learn strategies and tools that you can implement in your life to transform your organisation! 

Actionable Content On Your 2020 Vision


The 2020 Vision Business Summit is two full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts that have been in your shoes.

Networking & Fun With Like-Minded People


You’ll meet people who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles.

You’ll be among your people with marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs from every industry and corner of Australia. Plus, we’ll help you break the ice at our Launch party and Gala Awards Night.

Inspiration For Your 2020 Vision

Strip your organisation right back to the essentials. What are the non-negotiables that are essential to implement for your organisation to be successful in the future?

You’ll leave the 2020 Vision Business Summit with a PLAN—a plan to grow your company, grow your brand, and most importantly grow your SALES.

The Problem We Want To Solve

Business is the silent assassin of family life, relationships, friendships, and good people generally. We don’t speak enough about the impacts business has on life at home! For those of us in leadership positions and readying ourselves to manage teams later in our career start learning more in these areas.

It is physically not possible to be an expert in all these areas or have all these areas covered within your team. The positive side to this list is it gives us all more clarity around what might be blind spots and areas of risk to look out for:

  1. Quality Forecasting and uncertainty about the future

  2. Financial management

  3. Performance reporting

  4. Ever-increasing compliance requirements

  5. Team capability and on-boarding the right talent

  6. Technology advancement

  7. Exploding data

  8. Customer service

  9. Brand management

  10. The speed required to deploy change to stay relevant

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