What to do when embarking on the transitioning journey

For all of you with an ISO9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 standard implemented - what do you need to do?

Well, the first step is to grab a copy of the standard. You can then begin identifying organisational gaps or areas that need to be addressed, create an implementation plan that is specific to your organisation, and provide some training to your staff regarding the new system.

Identify and Prepare: Understand the new standards, identify the differences from the old to the new standard and recognize what you are required to adapt to ensure you conform to the new standards. You can learn about the new standards with our great courses and training material in our Online Training Academy.

Situational Analysis: Use a Gap Analysis Checklist to identify how ready you are for the transition. This also helps identify any gaps in your current management system process which need special attention. We also recommend doing an Internal Auditor Course to ensure you meet the standard.

Certification: Contact us to book in your transition assessment early! Additional time is required to ensure your organisation is compliant to the new standards. Ensure you don’t run the risk of your certification expiring. Any company’s certification that has not transitioned prior to 14th September 2018 will be invalid!

Continual Improvement: Manage your ongoing compliance with the new standard. Stay up to date with weekly tips and advice on our YouTube Channel.

Whilst on the surface it may seem a daunting task, just remember to keep the end goal firmly imprinted in your mind. ISO standards are designed to improve the quality, performance and efficiency of your business, and combining an ISO standard with our services will ensure the outcomes are specifically tailored to the needs of your business and the expectations of your clients. Success in business has never been an easy thing, but by implementing management systems the process can be streamlined and make your life as a business operator more simple. In order to succeed, you need to adapt. So, make that change, implement that new policy, and most importantly of all, take into consideration how ISO management systems can dramatically improve the performance of your business.

Learn more in our free ISO transitioning webinar, Wednesday 6th September! You can click here to register.

Don’t forget to #KeepImprovingEveryday, and we’ll see you soon.

The Best Practice team.

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