An introduction to ISO 14001

In a nutshell, ISO 14001 Environmental Management specifies the requirements of any organisation to be able to claim that they have a management system that conforms to the globally recognised ISO standards.

Implementing a new management system into your organisation might seem like a daunting task however there are numerous benefits to do so:

- You will gain increased control over the impact on the environment through your corporate social responsibility. This will also increase corporate image and credibility!

- Customer satisfaction within the supply chain will be increased due to greater confidence in your organisations environmental management system

- As a matter of policy, your organisation will regularly seek to identify new opportunities for cost savings through efficiencies, with examples like energy, water, raw material and waste disposal

- Additionally, legal and regulatory awareness is enhanced and risk of noncompliance with environmental law and regulations is reduced!

Formally identifying and actively dealing with risk enhances the organisations physical and financial protection against environmental mishaps. Top management can effectively address risks and opportunities by integrating ISO 14001 Environmental Management into the organisation’s business processes, strategic direction and business decisions; aligning them with other business priorities and incorporating environmental governance into the management system.

With the top management buy in, increased staff awareness and involvement in the environment will follow. This results in the entire organisation working towards minimizing your environmental impact and contributes to a better environment; locally, regionally and globally.

Assess your ISO 14001 management system against the standard by contacting us today on 1300 402 602. For an introduction to ISO 14001, join us for our webinar here!

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