How to identify Environmental impacts using ISO 14001

What we'll be talking about today is environmental issues, and getting you guys to think about the big picture in terms of how your organization impacts the environment.

What we've got here is a fishing fleet in tropical North Queensland, and we're going to have a little bit of a discussion as a case study about how this fishing fleet and the processes here impact the environment.

Then, think about your own life in terms of buying & consuming fish and your impact on the environment because this is the fleet that does the fishing for you and delivers your fish to the supermarket. Start to think about your organization as we go through this case study because this is a mediate part of your personal life that has an impact on the environment.

So, what we've got here is the fishing fleet at anchor, and what's really important to understand is that both those boats need to go out to do their fishing and they need to be stored, maintained, serviced, used & ultimately they will need to be disposed of at the end of their serviceable life.

We're talking about the environmental lifecycle of fish that gets delivered to your supermarket.

Having a look at this fishing fleet and some of the environmental impacts that are associated with the whole fishing industry, you can now understand that this is part of your environmental footprint as you purchase fish from the fish market or the supermarket.

So at the moment, while these vessels are essentially in their marina, the fleet here is all back from fishing and what we've got is an opportunity to start to look at some of the localized environmental impacts that are associated with this fleet.

When you're establishing your environmental management system it's important to consider the environmental aspects of your activities, and in the case of consuming fish, it's really important to consider that this fleet and the maintenance & operation has an impact on the environment. With all those things that we can consider, go through and understand, we will be able to work through the environmental management system of the business and discover what the things that we can control are and allow us to improve for the benefit of everybody.

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