Has your Environmental performance plateaued?

There's been many questions lately on what to do once all your ideas for being environmentally sustainable are exhausted.

We think to ourselves: "Yes, we recycle paper in our office, and yes, we've got green energy in our office or factory and we've really done as much as we possibly can with our environmental performance... So, where do we go from here?"

So I've got a challenging question for you: What's happening in your supply chain?

Is your supply chain both before and after your business? What's happening in your client's supply chain? How can you affect your customers environmental performance? And how can you affect your suppliers environmental performance?

Recently I met with a really interesting client that does water treatment analysis, and proposes options for different cities to treat the drinking water that comes out of the taps in all of the great residences, factories and businesses in those regional towns. So what we were looking at is that their service is to give those cities and towns an options analysis, and they were saying: "Well, we recycle all the paper and we do all the great stuff in our office".

When we look at ISO14001 environmental management systems, It asks us to consider how we can affect our customers environmental performance. That's an opportunity for you to think about how can you affect your customers & suppliers environmental performance, and in their situation they've got a huge ability based on the recommendations that they make to change, improve or affect the energy consumption of their customers.

So if you're a builder in a construction company, if you're in warehousing, if you're in transport or if you're in health care, have a think about how you impact the energy consumption, the transport costs the freight costs, the greenhouse gas emissions of your customers based on your choices and recommendations.

With regards to freight, buildings, energy consumption, utilities etc. have a think about that and how you can be more effective in your skills of influence to your customers to help them improve and build a long-standing, great partnership with those customers and suppliers.

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