2019 Set to be the Worst Year on Record for Cyber Breaches

2019 has seen three of the ten largest data breaches of all time; and we’re not even three-quarters of the way through the year yet.

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2019 looks to take the crown for worst year on record for cyber attacks and data breaches according to a report stating that more than 4.1-billion private records and lines of data have been accessed through 3,813 data breaches in the first six-months of the year alone.

2019 has seen three of the ten largest data breaches of all time; and we’re not even three-quarters of the way through the year yet. This marks a 54% increase when compared to last year, with the number of records exposed by either internal negligence or external data breaches increasing 52% year-on-year.

Just eight breaches reported within the first half of 2019 accounted for 3.2-billion records exposed online; or 78% of records exposed from the beginning to June 30 of 2019.

The report in question was recently published by Risk Based Security, which can be accessed here, and shows that 2019 is set to be the ‘worst year on record’ for breach activity and the leaking of personal information onto databases, where they can be potentially exploited by third-parties.

“Quarter after quarter, the pattern has repeated itself,” Inga Goddijn, Executive Vice President at Risk Based Security said in the report. “The vast majority of incidents are attributable to malicious actors outside an organisation.”

“Looking over the first six months of 2019, it is hard to be optimistic on the outlook for the year. The number of breaches is up and the number of records exposed remains stubbornly high. Despite best efforts and awareness among business leaders and defenders, data breaches continue to take place at an alarming rate.”

“Unauthorized access of systems of services,” Goddijn continued to explain “skimmers and exposure of sensitive data on the Internet have been the top three breach types since January of 2018. However, insider actions, both malicious and accidental have driven the number of records exposed.”

According to Threat Post “the business sector (which includes retail, tech companies and others) accounted for 67% of reported breaches and 84.6 percent of records exposed. This was followed by medical (14%) government (12%) and education (7%). Hacking remains the number one breach type for number of incidents, accounting for 82% of reported breaches.”

“From these breaches, further analysis reveals that the Business sector was responsible for 84.6% of records exposed,” signifying just how integral it is for organisations to implement an information security policy across its operations.

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