Transition from ISO 9001:2008 to 2015

Welcome back to the Best Practice online learning resource. Today, we're talking about what you need to do to transition from the ISO 9001:2008 to the 2015 edition of the quality management standard.

So, now, we’re taking a risk-based thinking approach to a quality management system now, where previously we were more focused on documents, systems, manuals- those sorts of things. The bureaucratic elements have been reduced in the new standard, so the important thing to do is to take a risk-based approach to your processes.

Start to look at where you could potentially upset customers, where things can go wrong. Using this as context, start to formulate your management system set up in a way you can run your business to be more focused on preventing anything that could potentially upset your customers.

One basic process is to do a risk assessment; that's probably the biggest gap that most organizations are going to have if they’ve got a previous certification, to fill that gap.

Undertake a risk assessment looking at your core processes. Look at the things that could go wrong, look at the areas that you could upset your customers; if you want to use an old style tool which I think is very valuable: undertake a SWOT analysis.

Dropping that SWOT analysis into management review will get you a long way toward being ready to undertake an ISO 9001:2015 audit, as well as the transition from the old version of the standard, to the new version standard.

If your team needs help, that's what we're here for at Best Practice.

We're really passionate about organizations that have fun, simple, efficient systems that help them to improve everyday, so that you’re more sustainable, profitable and you continue to inspire customer confidence. If you need some extra help with your transition, check out our free ISO 9001:2015 gap analysis checklist.

Most importantly, reach out to us if you've already got a question.

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