540-Million Facebook records exposed on Amazon's Cloud Service: Report.

History has repeated itself, following the revelation that another 540-million Facebook users have had their records exposed online.

Earlier this week, investigators UpGuard Cyber Risk, shared that they had found two significant troves of exposed Facebook user data sitting in plain sight on the internet.

Hundreds of millions of user records were leaked on Amazon cloud servers, through two third-party Facebook app developers.

Mexico-based media company, Culture Colectiva, was responsible for the majority of this data exposure; leaking over 540 million records detailing account names, comments, likes, reactions and more.

Whilst 'At The Pool' shared 22,000 plaintext usernames and passwords.

Upguard stated that "the passwords are presumably for the 'At the Pool' app, rather than for the user’s Facebook account, but would put users at risk who had used the same password across accounts.”

This is not Facebook’s first case of privacy foul. Last year Facebook was under scrutiny after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a Cambridge academic was given access to millions of Facebook users’ data without their knowledge. Just weeks ago, we reported on a similar trove of details that was found by KrebsOnSecurity.

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