70% of IKEA's Lineup now Made From Recycled & Renewable Materials; aims for 100%

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IKEA surprised much of the world with the release of its latest sustainability report, slipping in the fact that up to 70% of the materials utilised by the textile and furniture giant in 2018 were sourced from recycled and renewable materials.

The bamboo and cotton, which are classified as renewable materials - despite the water-intensive means of cotton production - made up 60% of the supply chain, while the remaining 10% was filled by pre or post-consumer recycled materials. 100 per cent of the cotton is, according to Ikea, certified as sustainable, while 85%t of the wood - up from 77% in 2017 - was certified sustainable.

It is Ikea’s aim to work on the creation of larger supply chains for recycled wood, plastic and textiles, to bring the number of Ikea products made from recycled materials to 100% by 2030. In addition to this, Ikea has made a commitment to phase out single-use plastic by 2020.

The world’s largest furniture manufacturer says the move to recycled materials constitutes the main part of its ‘climate-positive’ and ‘people and planet positive’ plans, which aims for a supply chain free of single-use plastics and ethical means of production.

“We always think long term, innovating to ensure that our actions to meet people’s need today do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs,” said Ikea’s head of sustainability, Lena Pripp-Kovac.

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“This requires us to rethink and inspire changes in lifestyles and consumption and to transform our way of working - from linear to circular, from consuming to regenerating resources.” she said.

Other ISO-14001-inspired highlights include the increase of its renewable energy production rate, with the installation of 18,240 solar panels on its production unit in Portugal; enough to power up to 2,700 homes, according to reports. In certain markets, Ikea offers solar panels and battery storage, encouraging its customers to go off-grid.

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