An updated guidance on integrated management systems is out now

ISO is has announced the re-release of an updated ‘guidance on integrated management system standards’, aimed at addressing the needs – and demands – of organisations looking to improve their performance.

The integrated use of management system standards (IUMSS) was first released in 2008, and has been a vital learning resource for businesses struggling with the implementation and monitoring of one or more quality management systems into the business.

ISO says that the move to update the guide reflects the fact that “most companies have more than one” quality management system, and can often be confused as to where they’re sitting in the process.

“The quest for continual improvement and sustained performance has prompted the need for a handbook to help guide organizations through effective management system design that is agile and integrated, to respond and grow.”

ISO now has a portfolio of more than 60 standards, which they say “have an impact on many different aspects and functions of an organization and, increasingly, companies have more than one.”

The updated guidance resource synthesises international expertise, diverse industry case studies, and best-practice guidance on the integration of a management system, all through comprehensive consultations with a variety of businesses across a range of industries.

Michael McLean, Convenor of the ISO working group responsible for the development of the handbook says that an effectively integrated management system will almost certainly assist any organisation, in any industry.

“Many organizations benefit from multiple management systems to help them ensure their systems and processes are in line with their objective and help them maintain their business model through ever-changing environments.” He said.

“This handbook provides a practical guide for organizations to effectively align their management systems with their strategies, plans and operations. It features illustrations as applied in real-world organizational contexts and relevant case studies, all of which can be applied to all kinds of sectors and industries. It is applicable to any kind of MSS, not just those published by ISO.”

The revised IUMSS handbook is available from your national ISO member, or through the ISO store.

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