Apple CEO Tim Cook Warns of “Chaos” and Calling for Accountability from Tech Companies

Tim Cook is calling for more accountability from tech companies, and says freedom is at risk in the wake of every data breach and privacy violation.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has taken to the stage at Stanford University to call for more corporate responsibility in the tech world, as well as warning the public of the dangers inherent in our continuously connected lifestyles.

The often bold and outspoken CEO of the world’s largest tech company - according to Forbes’ latest Global 2000 list - has called for tech companies to be more accountable for the “chaos” they are largely responsible for either creating, or facilitating through their platforms, rather than run away with all the profits while taking zero responsibility.

“Lately it seems this industry is becoming better known for a less noble innovation- the belief you can claim credit without accepting responsibility,” he said.

“We see it every day now, with every data breach, every privacy violation, every blind eye turned to hate speech, fake news poisoning out national conversation, the false miracles in exchange for a single drop of your blood.”

“It feels a bit crazy that anyone should have to say this, but if you built a chaos factory, you can’t dodge responsibility for the chaos.”

“If we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated, sold and even leaked in the event of a hack, then we lose so much more than data,” he said.

“We lose the freedom to be human.”

According to a report from CNBC’s Kif Leswing, “it’s the latest in a series of speeches from Cook in which he has discussed his views on data security while criticizing Google, Facebook and other technology companies for their approach to user data and privacy, usually without naming those companies.”

“Apple advertises privacy as a key iPhone feature and has recently released a privacy-focussed sign-on feature that competes with Google and Facebook,” the report said.

We reported on those concerns earlier this year in March where he said that in the evolving technological landscape, “privacy in itself has become a crisis… it’s of that proportion - a crisis.”

Cook also called for the formation of a ‘clearinghouse’ from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that would allow citizens to track and delete data on their activities including spending, personal information, employment and marital status- and a whole heap more. So far, this call has gone largely unanswered, but does shine a light on an issue that is growing in its significant with every day that passes.

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