Consider this when starting a project

What do you need to consider when starting a new project?

What can you do to help grow and improve your business?

Do you feel like a duck in your business?

A duck? That’s right.

We use the analogy of the duck to help explore how businesses work. At Best Practice, we are constantly talking about growing businesses, as well as many of the successful entrepreneurs that are madly changing the business world. Organizations can often be full of bright and shiny ideas on the surface, like a duck smoothly swimming on the surface, but underneath you have the legs going a million miles an hour.

When you are trying to grow your business, it can often feel like you are the duck’s legs- trying to do everything and get everything done.

If you are feeling like the duck, then here is a new way for you to look at your business projects. There are three major areas for you to consider going forward with your projects and business plan:

​• What is your organization’s mission?​

• What are your business values?​

• What are your goals for the next quarter?

What we do when we’re looking at the ISO 9001 is setting organizational objectives and targets. Then we put in place an effective management system in order to move through to ongoing monitoring.

If you’re feeling too much like a frantic duck, then we recommend conducting management reviews on a quarterly basis. This is where you look at the projects that your organization has been doing as well, as well as the tasks that the organization is going to work on for that 12-week period.

This is a great management strategy when you are an entrepreneur, or have a boss or manager who is running with a thousand new ideas every week. It means that you can take their best ideas, and bring them to the next quarter, while still maintaining focus on current projects. These quarterly meeting can be a great opportunity to become a part of management prioritization, giving management the ability to allocate time, resources and money to those projects that can be thoroughly executed.

Implementing small things like management reviews can be a vital part of the continual business improvement cycle. Management systems that prioritize growth can contribute towards and in turn help your business better simulate and manage growth on its own.

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