Electric Cars Outsell Petrol Competitors for the First Time in Norway

A historical first has occurred in Norway, after the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association (NEVA) general secretary, Christian Bu, stated that in the month of March, electric vehicles or EV’s outsold its petrol counterparts by a margin of 20%.

Industry commentators have attributed the symbolic margin to the delivery speed up of Tesla’s Model 3 sedans. Additionally, the market share of EV’s in Norway is set to hover around 50% for the rest of the financial year, possibly signalling to the rest of the world the steps needed to be taken in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Norway has been at the forefront of clean transport for a great period of time with the total number of EV’s owned by citizens sitting at around 49.1% in 2018, with the next closest country being Iceland at 19%.

This is due to the country waiving import and sales taxes on EV’s. Additionally EV owners pay no road tolls and are able to use bus lanes in busy city streets, creating a number of incentives for owning a renewable vehicle.

This new data from the NEVA is a strong sign for the Norwegian government who recently voted on legislation that requires all new cars sold in the country be electric by 2025.

Countries such as China which holds the world’s largest automobile market have begun to follow Norway’s lead as it has started to take a stand against climate change. By providing incentives such as subsidising EV purchases the country hopes to fix its pollution dilemma, reducing carbon emissions and gain an advantage in the EV technology market.

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