How ISO 45001 can benefit your business

I want you to think about your workplace.

What can you do today to make your workplace a little bit safer?

Discuss it with your team, and say to them: "Hey, this might be potentially a little bit risky, but what can we as a team to make our workplace just that little bit safer?"

In the big scheme of things, that's what ISO 45001 is all about, it's about continual improvement and having a management system where you get together as a team and you consult with each other to figure out safer ways to work.

Check out the video below for more information

So we've been asked a bunch of questions about ISO 45001; what this new draft means and when is it coming. I think what's really important is to get your organisation geared up. Now start looking at the other safety management systems that are available already: there's an Australian standard AS/NZS 4801.

If you're an international organisation, have a look at OHSAS 18001 as they're both very similar and what you'll see in ISO 45001. Ultimately, those systems are talking about identification of your hazards and risks and looking at controls using the hierarchy of control that you can implement to find the safest methodology to continue to operate the way that you do.

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