The effects your office is having on the Environment

How can your office help with your impact on the environment?

Today I'm using our company, Best Practice, as an example of how ISO 14001 can apply to business. You can take some of these examples and use them in your own business.

What we're discussing is the opportunity to have a sustainable business, and in this particular building here (The Best Practice office) we've looked at the use of solar panels to collect energy; that energy is now being sold to all of the offices in this complex which is really exciting.

It's an embodied energy network so we're generating our own electricity, the body corporate is selling it to the tenants in this building and we're minimising the carbon footprint of this particular building.

What else is really exciting about that energy consumption of these offices is that we've all got natural lights, so the need for actual electricity is reduced. What I want you to think about is your office and business environment and what you can do to minimize your environmental footprint. What we rely on here at best practice is a standard called ISO 14001, and that's the environmental management system standard that encourages organisations to look at all of their environmental issues and what they can do to improve.

This is the complex where the Best Practice HQ is and we're in an environmentally sustainable building. We've got tons of natural light, we're using solar panels to generate electricity for all the different offices and all the different suites which is really exciting, we use tank water for flushing of our toilets and a few other exciting things which is really great and we've got lots of natural cooling cross flow ventilation so we're trying to minimise our electricity consumption which is also really exciting.

So what are you guys doing? What environmental issues have you got in your organisation and what can you guys do to start looking at those sorts of things?

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