ISO 27001 The Importance of Data Protection Explained

ISO 27001 and the importance of data protection.

We've got partners who already have a strong incentive to stay secure, largely because if they become compromised, they can - and almost certainly will - go out of business.

If you don't have that in place, it's just a given. If you're dealing with sensitive data from your customers, you should be in the paradigm that ISO 27001 is the norm; your responsibility.

Particularly with more devices connected each day, soon everything we own will be a smart object that'll be talking to the internet. Things are changing, and that means an attacker now has multiple ways to get into the company from what's in your pocket.

There are a plethora of means hackers utilise to try and catch passwords: from the sounds produced from clicking on a keyboard to stealing a pin for bank cards using the accelerometer tracking the movements on a smart watch.

If someone got into my watch, they can work out my pin number. “The person that can work that out is the person you want to hire, right?”

Very much so.

We've taken from ISO 27001 a lot of practices, we've already been doing simple things like protecting the customers data, building a digital fence around it with barbed wire and guard dogs. That helps us to keep ahead of competitors.

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