Is ISO 27001 only applicable to online businesses?

Is ISO 27001 only applicable to online businesses?

No, it's not. It can be a typical brick-and-mortar organization, it might not even have internet. It's because it's not about internet necessarily, it's not about IT, but it's about that information that you have with in your company.

How much value you put in your information, you can have an organization, brick-and-mortar not even connected to internet could be all totally hardcopy. I know of some organizations are still for business requirements and business reasons heavily rely on paper and hardcopy.

That's information, documents, records that's information and ISMS addresses how you will protect that so you don't have to be a company that's online or internet-based it's applicable to all types of companies regardless of how you do business, whether it's over the internet, online or not.

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