What is an ISO 45001 audit?

What is an ISO 45001 audit?

An ISO 45001 audit is where an independent person that might be internal in your organization or external such as an organization like Best Practice comes to review compliance or conformance with the ISO 45001 standard.

They look at how your organization has specified how it's going to comply the standard and are you following that system.

Are you following what you said you would do and are you implementing improvements to how you operate on a frequent basis?

An ISO 45001 audit is about having an independent person conduct an assessment, write a report and have a list of recommendations that can be worked on to improve the level of occupational health and safety management in your organization.

Now, the thing about audits is ideally there's a follow-up process, and a recurring cycle. So, I would recommend occupational health and safety audits are conducted in accordance with ISO 45001 on a three, six or nine monthly basis.

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