What you should focus on for ISO 45001 OH&S management systems

A fundamental point on ISO 45001 is that it's not much is different to OSHAS 18001, and if you are already operating under a system that complies with or is accredited to AS 4801, you're covered too.

When you think about ISO 45001 OH&S, and what that's going to change in your business, take the time to get a copy of ISO 45001, and then look at section 0.3 that reads: "Success Factors".

How many of these success factors have we already got? I ask this because if you don't have them, I don't want you to think about ISO 45001; I want you to work on the success factors.

So this is no big new amazing thing, but what I want you to do is to go to the success factors in the new standard and ask you to do a little check on yourself, or on your business.

That includes things like: top management leadership and commitment. We know that statement because it's in ISO4801, but if you've got problems with commitment and leadership engagement, that's what you need to work on; not a new version of the standard, not doing gap analysis, not doing the audits.

There's sections A,B,C, all the way through K, however many of those success factors are located at the beginning of this standard. So, what I'd really encourage you to do is don't get ahead of yourself.

Have a look at the success factors, most of which have nothing to do with the system itself, and do the hard work that goes into reflecting on whether or not you do truly have the success factors and work on those things first before you agonise over a new standard.

If you want to have a look at the integration of OHS management systems into the organization's business processes, you need to have a look at how often is safety bolted onto the side of things. Is your system something that is a part of how work is done at your business? Or is that in addition to how work is done in your business?

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