If you're an organization that's starting ISO 9001 from scratch and you're finding your way through ISO 9001 entailing what's involved, the answer to your question is dependent on: The size of your organization, the geographical diversity of all your organization, the complexity and number of different processes that you have in your organization.

I'm here to give you some direction, and it's no doubt an open-ended question. While I've seen organizations develop and implement quality management systems that comply with ISO 9001 and get certified in a three-month period, I’ve also seen organizations do it in a 1-month period. I've seen organizations do it in a week period, but what I will say is the management system in those organizations that did it in short periods of time: Those management systems were immature.

It does take time for the organization to recognize and acknowledge potentially new ways of working, so organizations that take a little bit more time to implement ISO 9001 have more time to bed processes down and bed down change.

If you're looking to expedite the process, collaborating with us is no doubt one of your best options to fast-track the process. Reach out to us here at Best Practice Certification and we'll talk specifically about your organization to help you get an idea of how long it might take to implement ISO 9001 in your individual organization.

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