What does it mean to get ISO 9001 certified?

What does it mean to get ISO 9001 certified?

Well, something we do here at Best Practice is verify that an organization has followed the intent of the standard and is implementing a system that complies with the standards. We'll look at ISO 9001 2015 and we'll look at your organization, and we'll make a comparison and if we can see that the way you manage things is structured to follow the intent of 9001 and we can see that you're using that system.

So, you've designed a way and planned a way that you want to operate and you're using that system then we can come in our team from Best Practice can come in and verify you. Now we can also do that virtually, if you are somebody who would like some assistance either via Skype or Google Hangouts we can do that virtually.

So what does that mean?

That means that you've got a management system that complies with ISO 9001 you've been externally certified and you can promote to your stakeholders and externally in the environment that you have ISO 9001 certification.

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