Why get ISO 27001 Information Security?

The issue today is that moving business online and starting to protect that information is more important than ever; it's an existential threat to businesses that house customers' valuable data.

It's important that the information you develop and the information that you take from your customers is only available to the right people, and every effort is made to keep those with nefarious intentions locked outside in the cold.

It's important to understand that a disruption to data - and the subsequent disruption to business - is closely correlated to the integrity of your systems, and the integrity of your processes; in this context, your security processs.

Continuing to operate your business effectively under a data breach is not a realistic proposition, and is one of the many reasons why ISO 27001 is so important in todays modern businesses.

So, if you're keeping credit card details, if you're keeping customers names and addresses, birth dates and phone numbers and all of that information about your customers, if you're keeping customers paperwork, if you're keeping intelligence on what people have bought, whatever we've solved, that's all the information that can be assembled... and stolen.

Now, there's three things to concern yourself with: there is obviously the fact that you want to protect that information, so that you're better protected from losing that information to someone who's not supposed to have it.

The integrity of that data is no doubt the biggest issue for today. As time goes on, the filing in the records and all of those sorts of things that you're keeping, that's your information or your customers information or just the information you need to do business, make sure that it is being looked after.

And you also want to make sure the information you are holding is always available to the right people so that you guys continue to use it. Just because data doesn't take up any physical space doesn't mean that you should keep it.

The international standard called ISO 27001 is a program to help protect your information, data security and data integrity within your organization and that is why ISO 27001 is an important part of 21st century business.

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