Reduce the work load of your ISO 45001 management systems with these 3 steps

ISO 45001 can be an overwhelming project to maintain and a ton of our contacts out in industry are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that they need to do to maintain all the corporate compliance in their organization.

In light of this, here's our brief guide on how to reduce the work load of corporate compliance.

Step 1: What's the level of competency and the level of knowledge, skills and experience of your team members in your organization?

Have a think about what skill level your employees are at because often the management systems that get developed are targeted at a very highly skilled, educated and qualified audiences, which is a common mistake organizations implement. The higher level of skills, education and training an individual has, then the less documented policies and procedures that individual needs to complete that task and vice verser.

Step 2: Remember to keep it simple. Start asking the question: how can we use other audio-visual formats to communicate information?

I find that management systems that are lots of black and white text on white paper are not read, people don't know where they are, they don't know where they're saved, they don't know where to find them, they're difficult to update and that they're difficult to maintain.

Can you use an audio-visual format, so people can watch, listen, observe, absorb and be gently trained? It's an opportunity for you to look at your management system, if you are feeling overwhelmed, and think about how much do you understand the requirements that you need to comply with.

Step 3: Do you have help from any professionals to interpret and understand those requirements?

A really good opportunity to reduce the amount of work in the long run is to do some learning development and have support in that journey.

Becoming more effective and efficient in your everyday activities, as well as empowering your team to become more effective and efficient, is the most effective way to reduce your workload for your management systems.

If you are interested in step 3 then you can reach out to us at the Best Practice Training Academy for some fantastic online ISO training courses to help you become more confident and competent in your ISO management systems.

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