What are the requirements of ISO 9001?

What are the requirements of ISO 9001?

Grab a copy of ISO 9001 and have a look through; you'll see there's different sections to the standard, and the fun sections: 9 & 10 are the parts of the standard directed at improvements to the organization. However, we're still left with an unanswered question: What are the requirements of ISO 9001?

They are to plan, do, check and act.

Have a management process laid out that's going to constantly improve how you deliver your products and services to your customers. Specifically designed to encompass a goal of consistently improving your customer service, and the overall product and/or service your organization provides.

That's the requirement. The requirement is to think about how you're going to deliver your products and services, and in turn consistently refine a system of self-evaluation and reviews that stick closely to the teachings of the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle to support how you go further.

If you want to know more detail about the very specific requirements of ISO 9001 follow the link in the description below on this video across to our Training Academy where you can do the ISO 9001 essentials training course.

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