Jackpot: Las Vegas Hit By Cyber Attack

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Las Vegas, the city known for the celebration of vices and freedom has been hit by a cyber attack striking a vital computer network.

Authorities are yet to comment publicly on whether or not sensitive information was compromised in the hack, however, a city spokesperson has confirmed that the hack, which transpired in the early hours of Tuesday morning did successfully gain access to the city’s network via a malicious email.

David Riggleman, a city spokesperson said that Las Vegas’ IT department was moving fast to counter the attack on its systems, stating that “the city is taking extensive steps to protect its systems.”

It’s one of nearly 300,000 attempts to breach its systems each month.

According to InfoSecurity Magazine’s report, “City officials were notified after unusual activity occurred at around 4:30am on Tuesday, but by the evening the full extent of the damage wrought by the incident was yet to be confirmed. Riggleman said a clearer picture is likely to emerge over the next day or two.”

“We’re not aware of what that would be at this point,” he said. “We’re still assessing that right now… We don’t know that any of the data has left the city at this point,” he added.

In his public comments, Riggleman also noted that the City of Las Vegas is hit by an average of 279,000 cyber attacks each month.

“A lot of people out there are trying to open that cyber door,” he said.

While authorities refine their search for the hackers and determine exactly what they were able to achieve while inside the Las Vegas network, he said that residents may experience some disruption in terms of online services, but this would be “minimal”.

“If the breach turns out to be the latest in a string of ransomware attacks on U.S. cities, then it is highly unlikely that Las Vegas will cough up the money,” writes Sarah Coble. “The city’s mayor, Carolyn Goodman went on record in July as a sponsor of a resolution not to pay ransoms in the event of a cybersecurity breach. The resolution was approved by the US Conference of Mayors.”

Some are speculating that it could be the work of a Nation-State, given the timing and recent geo-political movements between the United States and Iran, however, this remains purely speculatory. The US Department of Homeland Security did, however, issue a warning for American individuals and companies alike to be wary of cyber attacks originating from Iran and its allies following the most recent flare-up in tensions.

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