More Jobs than ever as Solar Installations up 45% in Australia; May Beat 2020 Target.

There's more jobs in the renewable sector than ever before, as Australians install just under 500-megawatts worth of solar cells on rooftops across the country; with Victorians leading the charge.

Green Energy Markets is reporting that the sector added 45% to its capacity when compared with January-March of 2018; of photovoltaic cells 100kW or less.

Last month in Australia, 3,839-gigawatt-hours of electricity was supplied to the power grid from renewables like solar and wind power; 19.7% of the total grid. That was enough power to supply 9.5-million homes, which saved 2.7-million tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Tristan Edis, director of analysis at Green Energy Markets said, “It’s usually a little bit slow in January and February but [previous numbers] have really been blown away,” more than likely correlated to the Victorian government’s latest subsidy for solar cells.

Under the Andrews government, there is a $2250 rebate per unit on offer for those looking to install photovoltaic cells on their rooftops.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter Hannam, “if the rate of rooftop installations were to continue until 2022, the forecast extra generation of more than 10,000 gigawatt hours would alone top the annual electricity generated by AGL’s Liddell coal-fired power station.”

Based on current energy prices, those who have installed solar cells stand to save a collective $850-million over the coming ten years.

Green Energy Markets predicts the market to top 2000MW this year; a 25% increase over last year. This has resulted i'n more jobs for the renewable energy sector, which has created 7580 jobs on wind and solar farms under construction in Victoria. Queensland and NSW are lagging behind, largely due to the lack of subsidies similar to Victoria’s.

Interestingly enough Hannam writes that “the renewable energy target, which has been the main support for new large-scale generation in recent years, may yet be met ahead of its 2020 goal.”

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