New Zealand Doubles Funding to Plant 1-Billion Trees

New Zealand has announced plans to double its previous budget allocation for reforestation to nearly half a billion dollars.

The programme, according to Jones would create up to 1000 jobs, and act as a 'nation building' means of transforming non-productive land back to lively forests. It would add an additional $240 million to the billion tree project, which has already been allocated $245-million over the next three-years.

Shane Jones, New Zealand's Forestry Minister said that: "We're allocating $240 from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) to support tree planting in areas where wider social, environmental and regional development goals can be achieved."

The Ardern government has also signalled its support for improvements to the country's emissions trading scheme - ETS - which is aiming to reduce an overall carbon footprint. Just last week we reported on a new campaign, supported by the United Nations aiming to drastically increase the number of trees being planted around the world.

"The ETS has a vital role to play in New Zealand meeting its climate change targets, but the way it currently operates means it's not doing that." Jones continued to explain.

"Getting the ETS right could drive the planting of 340-million trees over the next 10 years - double the amount that would be planted if the ETS was left in its current state."

Shane Jones said that "on top of this, a new partnership fund will create an even closer working relationship between Forestry New Zealand, Te Uru Rākau, regional councils, NGOs, training organisations, Māori landowners and community groups."

"This is one of the most important levers the Government has to incentivise the planting of trees to help reach our Billion Tree programme's goals," he concluded.

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