Private Sector to Government: “Get out of the way” as report indicates Australia has enough renewabl

A recently published report from Renew Economy claims that Australia currently has enough renewable energy projects currently planned and underway to make the switch to sustainable energy in the very near future.

The report, citing data from Norwegian research company Rystad says “the pipeline of wind, solar and storage projects in Australia will likely reach 100GW before the upcoming election in May,” writes Giles Parkinson.

Leading the charge is the private sector, who see immense potential value in the research, development and eventual implementation of renewables into the energy production chain.

The data shows, according to Parkinson, that “if Australia continued at its current rate of wind and solar deployment, then enough [energy] to meet the equivalent of 100 per cent of the country’s electricity needs could be delivered by 2030.”

David Dixon, senior analyst at Rystad was quoted in the report that “this clearly shows the confidence investors have in Australia’s renewable future and possibly where the renewables sector sees the election outcome going.”

In a separate report, Renew Economy quoted a group of forty-five researchers and energy experts that had issued a joint statement on the roll-out of renewable energy that outlined “in recent times, the Australian energy sector has deployed solar and wind power at unprecedented rates.”

On their website, they have an online tool that monitors Australia’s live supply and demand of energy, as well as the means by which that energy is produced; check it out here.

“While action is also required in other sectors fo the economy to achieve deep emissions cuts, a sustained shift from fossil fuels to solar and wind power is absolutely necessary for Australia to meet. And surpass our 2030 emissions target,” They said.

They concluded their statement by adding that “the shift to 100% renewables will be accompanied by the inevitable phasing out of existing coal power plants. Achieving a smooth transition will require careful attention to coal power workers, their communities and energy consumers.”

Mary Cameron of Stanford University has researched the current outlook of renewables in the Australian, and wider context. She says that “transitioning to 100 per cent WWS (water, wind and solar) in all energy sectors is technically and economically possible”, however, “the main barriers are social and political.”

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