Rome is Struggling to Properly Manage its Waste: “We’ve become third world”

Italy's ancient capital is drowning in a sea of waste, according to residents that are now beginning to burn rubbish due to mismanagement of its waste services with an increasing population.

The main problem for Rome is managing the excess waste following the closure of its Malagrotta landfill site in 2013, since then, it has had no major site to treat its 1.7-million metric tonnes of waste annually.

Virginia Raggi, head of the populist 5-Star movement that came to power three years ago is reportedly short of options when it comes to effectively managing the rising rates of rubbish in the ancient capital.

“We’ve become the third, fourth world in my opinion,” Rossana Franza, a Roman citizen told, Sky News. “Mrs Raggi should take a small stroll here once in a while. Because in her neighbourhood, which I have been to, it is all in order.”

Another resident said that she struggles to leave her house in the evening because “there’s an incredible stink.”

Roberto Volpe, a member of the National Research Council says that the risk is two-fold. “The main risk for us comes when we take out and throw the trash away,” he said. “There’s a risk of taking the contamination back home with us. That’s why it’s important to wash our hands properly afterwards.”

The second risk is in the rising number of Roman citizens attempting to solve the problem themselves in an extremely primitive and dangerous way- by setting fire to the piles of rubbish forming in their neighbourhoods.

Dr Volpe urged residents of Rome to stop this, noting the dioxin contamination that can cause a number of cancers if inhaled.

Marco Cacciatore, president of the local commission for environmental and city politics in Rome agrees that the problem is becoming potent for the city. “Let’s be honest,” he said. “No waste plan can solve a problem aggravated by 60 years of mismanagement in one year.”

“Let’s tell the truth to citizens: we are human: this difficult infrastructural situation cannot be resolved in the short term,” he concluded.

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