The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Business Management using ISO 14001

Hi there, and welcome. In this article we're talking about environmental policies, and what we can give you in terms of some advice in putting that amazing thing together, and promoting that you're an environmentally sustainable business to the big wide world.

Today we're talking about environmental policies and what you can do as an organization. What we do here at Best Practice to identify what your environmental issues are, start to manage those environmental issues and understand what you can do to minimize your impact over time on the environment.

Now, I think what's really important is to consider a framework for setting your environmental policy and I would look to ISO 14001 for a bit of guidance. There's a clause in ISO 14001 that talks about environmental policy. Without going right down into the detail - as you can read that in the document yourself - it's really important to think about the higher level of intent.

The first thing is that the document is there to tell your interested parties - your stakeholders, your staff, your shareholders, the marketplace, your customers - what your environmental issues are and sets a framework for what your strategy is in managing some of your environmental impacts.

Typically, environmental policy is going to call for three things. The first thing it's going to do is be a framework for your environmental objectives and targets and what is it that you want to achieve from an environmental outcomes perspective. The second thing it's going to call for is documenting that you're committed to compliance with legal and other requirements requirements of your stakeholders and your interested parties in the markets where you operate. Finally, the third thing is making a statement about continual improvement.

So, those three things have a framework for what environmental issues you're going to manage. Talk about the scope of your business and maybe some of the high-level things that are environmental concerns for you - you're going to talk about your legal and other requirements and you're going to make that commitment to continual improvement and I think keeping it short and sweet is really important, and giving it some passion and motivation, what are you enthusiastic about with your environmental performance?

What environmental management is about, it is about having some great quality commitments that are relevant they're realistic for your organization and maybe you know to a certain extent as a starting point their market trends. So have a think about what some of the environmental issues are for your industry for your market where you offer and start there.

But what's really important about this whole exercise is to get out there and promote it. Promote the fact that you've made these commitments so if you're going to put a policy statement together that's a document, then market it! Maybe that's something that can go on your website, maybe it can go in the foyer of your office, maybe it can go in your marketing material, and particularly even on your Facebook page. I think what's one thing that's even more important than that environmental policy is to start backing it with some evidence and backing it with some activities and tactics and it's an execution of some of those outcomes so that you can report them.

So one of the things that's really important is to promote what your tactics are. If you're doing some great stuff on minimizing your carbon footprint, if you're minimizing water consumption, recycling paper, recycling metal, doing some great environmental initiatives in tree planting, and maybe some humanity things out in the community, those are the sorts of things to start marketing so it's telling a great story with what you're doing in a video. It's a great way to actually show the market "Hey, we've got this environmental policy which is this document but here's a great video and here's a great story about the things we're achieving."

So, have a look at the video above, for more information. If you've got some great ideas for what to put in environmental policy, let us know through the LiveChat on our website. For more information on ISO 14001 click here.

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