Toyota Hit by Second Cyber Attack in Five-Weeks

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Automotive powerhouse Toyota has been hit with a second cyber attack in recent weeks, this time in their home region of Tokyo.

Five Toyota and two Lexus dealerships were targeted on the 21st of March, where hackers managed to break through security protocols and access personal data and customer profiles.

The data breach has said to have leaked customer data outside company control, affecting up to 3.1 million consumers in the Tokyo region.

Currently Toyota has not announced what type of information was leaked by hackers, however they have stated banking details were not accessed.

This cyber breach comes just two weeks after Toyota Australia was hacked by an anonymous group which locked employees out of company emails for up to 3 days after the attack causing major inconveniences for customers.

Toyota Japan has not attributed the cyber attacks to any select hacker organisation and at the moment are unsure whether the attacks are linked to one another.

Read more on the cyber security of Toyota and what it means for you in our previous article:

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