Two-Thirds of the Alps's Glaciers set to Melt by Turn of the Century

A study published by The Cryosphere has found that more than two-thirds of glacier ice is due to melt by 2100 in the European Alps.

This is consequently due to climate change and the constant rising temperatures within the earth’s atmosphere.

“Glaciers in the European Alps and their recent evolution are some of the clearest indicators of the ongoing changes in climate” said Daniel Farinotti, a glaciologist at ETH Zurich.

The research found that if carbon emissions were reduced to zero by 2050 it would still be too late to save the glaciers by 2100.

The senior researcher in the study Matthias Huss said, "In the pessimistic case, the Alps will be mostly ice-free by 2100, with only isolated ice patches remaining at high elevation, representing 5% or less of the present-day ice volume."

Whilst the 4000 glaciers in the Alps may be known globally for their beauty and tourism, they serve as a nature reserve for many species and a major source of hydroelectricity for the region.

The projections which were presented at the European Geosciences Union conference in Vienna, Austria, were created through the combination of computer models and real-world data.

Glaciers provide approximately 75% of the worlds fresh water, and are currently thought to be losing up to 369 billion tonnes of snow and ice globally per year.


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