United Nations Supports Plan for new Floating, Self-Sustainable City

The United Nations has recently shown support for a futuristic floating city, designed by housing solution company ‘Oceanix’. The concept is said to hold a capacity of 10,000 people, is fully self-sustainable and able to withstand major natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis and hurricanes.

Image courtesy of Oceanix City, used under the creative commons educational guidelines.

At a meeting last week, executive director of the UN Human Settlement program, Maimunah Mohd Sharif, gave his support and offered to shepherd the project to actualisation.

Amina Mohammed, the United Nation's deputy secretary general conceded that the project is unconventional, but said that in the face of a mounting climate crisis, that the UN is "trying to adapt... we are trying to think ahead" she said.

Oceanix believes that their ‘floating city’ would provide a solution to the rising housing shortages, decrease the average cost of housing in big cities and eliminate the threat of rising sea levels.

The design would consist of six platforms making up a ‘village’, with six of these villages making up the body of the city. Transportation within the city would be almost fully electric with no high emission cars or trucks allowed on the platforms, with futuristic ideas such as drones being used to ferry individuals around the city. The project would additionally utilize ‘ocean farming’, a concept that involves growing food beneath the surface of the water such as scallops, kelp and other forms of seafood.

Some environmental theorists have given their points of concern to Oceanix, saying that developing natural disaster proof housing will be a very difficult and risky task that should be restricted to protected waters before being tested in the open ocean.

However, most of the academic world is looking onto the project with keen eyes, stating that it's certainly worth trying, as the housing crisis is starting to become dire.

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