What a Toyota Hack Tells us about a Hacker’s Desire for Your Health Data.

It's a vital piece of the puzzle.

Toyota has been hit by a cyber attack after hackers “broke into the medical files of Melbourne’s Cabrini Hospital and demanded a ransom,” it has been reported, illuminating hacker’s appetite for your health data.

The hack has resulted in employees being unable to access their emails for up to three days in the aftermath of the attack that saw “Toyota Australia’s servers were targeted on Tuesday.” According The SMH.

“The attack comes on the same day as The Age revealed a cyber crime syndicate hacked and held ransom the medical files of about 15,000 patients from a specialist cardiology unit at Melvern’s Cabrini Hospital”, The Age has reported.

The hack “broke into medical files… and demanded a ransom after scrambling the data of 15,000 patients.”

“The hospital has been unable to access the files for weeks after the cybercrime syndicate used malware to cripple its server and demanded a cryptocurrency payment to decrypt the data.” According to 9News.

Cybercrime divisions are currently looking into where the malware originated from, the usual suspects include nation states like Russia, China and North Korea.

Toyota Australia has issued a statement saying it can offer no details about the origin of the attack, but the threat is being monitored.

“Toyota Australia can confirm it has been the victim of an attempted cyber attack,” it reads.

“At this stage, we believe no private employee or customer data has been accessed… we apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank customers for their patience.”

At this point, you may be wondering what a hospital hack has to do with the data breach of Toyota Australia, and this is where our expert Rod Organ steps in.

In our conversation just yesterday with Rod Organ of Astrum Privacy and Protection, he said that “unchangeable data such as health records are a top prize for hackers to access.”

“People can change their address… even their bank account details,” he said.

“But their eye colour, height, their blood type, that’s unchangeable, and prize data for hackers to build a profile on you.”

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