What are the benefits of 14001?

What are the benefits of ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 management systems key benefit are: it gives you a simple and succinct way to identify and manage the environmental risks of your organization.

ISO 14001 certification has the key benefit of promoting to your marketplace, to all of your stakeholders, your suppliers, your customers, your regulators and your staff that you are committed to improving the environmental performance of your organization.

Ultimately building trust in the marketplace and trust with your customers.

A key benefit of ISO 14001 internally is it has the ability to help your staff and your internal stakeholders in your organization understand what their environmental responsibilities are, understand what happens if there's a breach to environmental legal requirements, what happens if there is damage to the environment and finally what happens in terms of what do we do day to day to prevent any adverse environmental impacts.

ISO 14001 is a great environmental management systems standard, it's great for organizations and there's the final added benefit of being able to seek external certification against that standard and have an independent organization like Best Practice issue you with a certificate that you can show all of your stakeholders to say that you've got a great environmental management system in place and it's certified to ISO 14001.

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