A Simplified Explanation of ISO 14001

What is ISO 14001 environmental management systems specification?

Well, ultimately it's the management system to identify and address and control and manage all the environmental issues associated with your organization.

Now, it's not all encompassing. It's not like you need to greenwash what you're doing. It's a basic environmental management system standard or basic management standard that you can use to look after one environmental issue that you might have or or a customer might identify that you need to manage or you can look after a raft of issues across your organization.

So, if we take environmental policy for example and we drop down into identification of environmental risks and opportunities, or an environmental SWOT analysis, we're then looking at the controls, we look at the things we're going to measure, and we in turn set ourselves some objectives and targets and then we make a bit of a plan if things go wrong.

You can take ISO 14001 and you can use it as a risk management strategy and you can integrate it with ISO 45001, you can integrate it with ISO 9001, so it's a great opportunity.

It's not something to be scared of. Just following a simple process to identify environmental issues will help you as you start to look at the monitoring and measurement that you can do with a dashboard. Look at the things that you can communicate, you can promote, you can showcase to your customers in your industry that you've got some environmentally friendly or environmentally sustainable initiatives in place in your organization.

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