What is ISO 27001 2013?

There is a new emerging standard which is ISO 27001: Information Security Management Systems or ISMS. ISO 27001 version 2013 is all about data security and information security management systems.

It's relevant for organizations that are holding information on their clients, holding their own information, as ISO 27001 is all about protecting that data. Protecting the integrity of that data and also threat management or breach management has become a vital part of doing business in the 21st century, and companies that are complacent in this realm may be in store for a shock if and when a hacker decides to target their business.

If you're using cloud systems - or tossing up the idea of moving to cloud-servers - suppliers of those cloud systems will be looking to ISO 27001 as a certification standard. Equally so, all of the information that you've got in your business and on your clients should also be looking at an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

We have checklist available on our Training Academy Website that you can go through and actually work out where your status is in terms of your organizations information security, or you could send that checklist to your suppliers when you're doing supplier selection.

So have a look at it ISO 27001 it's growing really really quickly, the interest is growing on ISO 27001 so just be aware, have a look at it, check it out.

Click here for the ISO 27001 FREE checklist!

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