Why ISO 14001 is important for your organization?

Why is ISO 14001 important for your organization?

I often get asked by clients looking to get ISO 14001 environmental accreditation, asking: "Why does that apply to us? We're just an electrical contractor".

What's really important to understand in this aspect is that you're the expert electrical contractor, or you're the expert supplier that's supplying something unique and valuable to your customers.

Your customers are not going to know everything about the products and services that you supply, and they're relying on you and asking for you for your contribution from an environmental perspective.

So, think outside the box. Think rhetorically about: 'When I supply this thing to my client, how did I potentially help them with a more sustainable decision, a more sustainable approach to the products and services that we're going to use in the project.'

One thing I'd like you to be thinking about is the bigger picture, so if a customer has asked you to go and get ISO 14001 environmental management systems certification or accreditation, what they're really asking you to do is have a contribution to their environmental impacts.

It's not just about that they might be concerned about how you operate your business. If you recycle your rubbish, you separate all your waste, you buy environmentally friendly products and services and then you minimize your carbon footprint, but from a big-picture perspective because you're their supplier.

What they're looking for in some cases is advice and because you have a specialist in your particular industry, you're the specialist in what you do, you're gonna have a much better understanding of what you're thinking about and what you're doing with regards to environmental management and how you can also influence their environmental footprint, their carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impacts.

Some advice for an organization about to go through the ISO 14001 process would be understanding the environmental impact that you can have on the client long term.

Making clients have a sustainable asset, making recommendations in their project so that they can minimize environmental impacts and so that's recommending products and services that minimize the impact on the environment and yes the customer might pay a little bit more for them short term, but their assets going to be cheaper to run in the long term and have a smaller environmental footprint.

So have a think about your impact on your customer when you're considering your environmental impacts. Have a think about how you can help your customer to be more environmentally friendly in the future and add some of that value. And that's the real intent of ISO 14001 your global impact, it's not just about operating your business it's about the bigger picture and the impacts that you can have.

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