Why These Are the Greatest Places to Work in Australia

A report from Great Place to Work has put forward what their research and employee feedback suggest are the best places to work in Australia. While the results might be debated, their report does shine a light on the growing emphasis organisations are placing on investing in staff to encourage both staff retention, happiness and productivity in the workplace.

The feedback process undertaken by Great Place to Work consisted of surveying 85,471 Australian employees from 163 companies. “Each company participating in the study for this list earns a score based on two factors: two-thirds of the total score comes from employee responses,” said Zrinka Lovrencic, Managing Director of Great Place to Work. “The remaining one-third comes from our evaluation of the company’s policies and procedures in nine specific practice areas,” she said.

Before we discuss the results, let’s have a look at what the report suggests about wide scale trends. “What has changed over the last four decades is the landscape in which organisations operate, and how they prepare themselves to tackle the obstacles of building and maintaining trust in the digital world.”

“These organisations have set themselves apart from their competitors,” Lovrencic continues to explain, “where employees are respected and treated fairly, leaders are credible and trust is nurtured.”

“To improve both retention and productivity, organisations are investing in their people.”

Interestingly, it seems that “to improve both retention and productivity, organisations are investing in their people,” according to the report. “HR is increasingly rebranded to People & Culture, and is no longer viewed as a cost center but rather a source of value creation,” and for those P&C directors, “retaining talent has surpassed attracting talent as the number one priority.”

'In addition, the study found that almost 80% of organisations consider employee retention as the biggest challenge facing their organisation.'

Now, moving to the results, according to the report, Salesforce has come out on top of the rankings, with Cisco Systems Australia, Hilton, MECCA and MARS Australia rounding out the top five for organisations with over 1000 employees. Employees at Salesforce, the top ranked organisation with around 1470 employees in total said that “there is a specifically designed culture of unity and diversity. The foundation of our culture is the metaphor that we are one united family.” It looks as though this is no accident that the organisation has taken out the top spot in terms of employee satisfaction and retention.

For organisations anywhere between 100 and one-thousand employees, Stryker came out on top, followed by Canva, Intuit, OMD Australia and AbbVie rounding out the top five. Again, there was a similar sentiment from Stryker, the winner. Their employees said “the sense of family and working as a team is very strong. People genuinely like one another and know that they are working with a committed group of individuals to make healthcare better.”

The winner of the small business (sub-100 employees) category was Avenue Dental, followed by LogmeIn Australia, Insentra, Amicus and Cobild. Employees of Avenue Dental were quoted in the report: “the people make the place, the relationships I have formed make me feel like Avenue Dental is my family. It’s so great having passionate leaders in the practices. You are made to feel important and what you are doing is valued.”

The correlation between valuing employees is plain to be seen, considering the results and the feedback from employees that say they feel like a family member at work. Best Practice CEO, Kobi Simmat has been echoing something similar for a number of reasons now, adding that “your staff are your most important assets in business, so you need to treat them accordingly.”

“Too often,” Kobi explains, “I’ve seen management teams drive their staff too hard, and undervaluing their efforts. If you want a sure-fire way to ensure a staff member leaves as soon as possible- this would be it.”

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